Thursday, January 3, 2008

Getting Messy

I never thought I would be one of those moms that hates it when my kid gets messy, but I do. I hate having to clean it up and change just all around bothers me, but I know I have to get over it. So this morning I laid down the shower curtain liner on the floor so if Owen dropped anything it wouldn't stain the rug, I pushed up Owen's sleeves and I let him just go for it. He has been so picky lately and has just absolutely refused to eat. He only wants to take his bottle. If he doesn't start eating soon we are going to just take the bottle away and he'll eat eventually, but I'm trying to avoid it coming to that. So for breakfast I gave him scrambled eggs with cheese and some toast with marion berry jam on it. He loved the toast, but wouldn't touch the eggs. I also decided to see if he would feed himself so I got his Yo Baby yogurt and one of his dipper sticks so he could dip into the yogurt. He actually did really well and he enjoyed dipping. Hopefully he will stop being so pick and just start eating everything in sight.