Friday, May 30, 2008

Scheduled C-Section

So yesterday I had another Dr's appointment and nothing has really changed. I'm still 1 centimeter dilated and the baby hasn't dropped. My next appointment is next Friday and my due date is the following Monday. Since I've had a C-Section before they don't like you to go very far overdue and they can't induce labor because it will be too hard on my uterus. So the doctor wanted to schedule a C-Section just in case my body doesn't naturally go into labor. She said they will let me go until I'm 40 1/2 weeks pregnant which ends up being Friday the 13th! I told her I don't want my baby born on Friday the 13th. So she was going to have the nurse look for available times from June 9th - 12th. The nurse called me this morning and there is absolutely nothing available on those dates. The only thing available is 4pm on Friday the 13th!! I talked with Michael on the phone after I hung up with the nurse and he said it would actually work out well because then our birthdays would all be in a row. See I wanted Jack to be born on May 17th because Michael was born on the 14th, Owen was born on the 15th and I was born on the 16th. I know I'm funny with dates. So if Jack is born on the 13th it would still work out that our birthdays would be in a row. Also it would really work out well for Michael's work schedule. He would end up having 9 days off in a row to be with me and the kids. This is all still up in the air though because Jack could decided to come on his own naturally and that would be great, but for planning purposes Friday the 13th will work out. Plus it will be a good conversation starter for Jack when he's older! Thank goodness we weren't planning on naming him Jason! (Thanks Christa for correcting me on that, I guess I don't know my horror movies very well!)


Unknown said...

You mean Jason...Freddy was from Nightmare on Elm Street:) The 13th is a good number though...our best friend was born on that date:-D So you will have hime on my birthday month and Nikki's birthday cool is that...that is if he doesn't decide to come earlier!

Furry Bottoms said...

Yeah, its really not that bad! My birthday is on the 13th, and it only lands on Fridays every few years. It will be great!

mandamike said...

Wow! Little Jack will be here soon. :) If we ever have a boy we are going to name him Jack too, good name.

Laura and the family said...

Hi, I am a friend of Nikki's. I have had two C-sections with my two sons. The first ones I had an emergency C-section because I was unable to get it through naturally (no wonder, he was born 9 lbs 12 oz) for a short mom (me) on the 10th. I got pregnant again. The doctor wanted me to have a C-section because he feared I would have to go through an emergency again. At first, the doctor scheduled for the 9th. I have a funny way with the numbers. I wouldn't accept for the 9th, and pleaded for the 10th just like my older son (not the same month) but I like the same number and two digit numbers.

You are not the only ones with strange ways with the numbers.

But it is nice to have the numbers in order :-) Enjoy with your Little Jack!