Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wills & Impromptu Date Night!

The same day as the zoo field trip Michael and I had an appointment with a lawyer to talk about making up a Will and getting all the other paperwork such as POA figured out and so on. 

We met with a great lady that came and spoke at my MOPS meeting earlier this year. Jericca is amazing. She's so knowledgeable and never makes you feel incompetent for not knowing something. She's super easy to work with as well. Plus she's a mom so it's really nice to know that she knows what it's like to have young kids and have to plan for something like your untimely death! 

This was tough stuff for sure! Having to actually sit down and think about who you would want to have your kids if we both die. It's never something you want to even fathom, but it's something that is so necessary to plan for. Plus now that we've planned for it nothing will happen right!!! :) 

It only took us 1.5 hours instead of the typical 2 hours. The building where the law office is located is the same building where 13 Coins is located. That's one of our favorite restaurants. I called my mom to see if she minded if Michael and I had an impromptu date night and she was fine with that. 

If you've never eaten there you HAVE to! It's so awesome to sit at the bar in front of the kitchen and watch all the chefs cook. It's a fancy restaurant, but all the staff is super chill and fun! Plus you have a fantastic meal for not a lot of money. Michael and I got the Fried Zucchini Sticks and then we split the Spaghetti Carbonara...this was my HALF!!! I ended up taking half of this home for leftovers! It was so yummy! 

It was nice to "celebrate" getting our Will checked off our list. It's not one of those things you really want to spend money on or think of saving for, but we are so happy we did it. 

We go back at the end of June to sign the actual papers. Then the Will just gets to sit in our safe and hopefully never come out for 50 or so years God willing!