Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Toothbrush Holder & Brushing Routine!

At the kids dentist appointment over Spring Break it became abundantly clear that the kids needed some help in regards to brushing and flossing. Part of the problem was the way our bathroom cabinet is. The drawers are super shallow and there is no medicine cabinet so the kids had to lay their toothbrushes down in the drawer. Also their toothpaste always looked like the toothpaste had exploded out of it. We made a couple adjustments in order to help them out. 

I designed this and asked Michael to build it. There are two of these...one hanging on either side of the sinks. This one is on the left....Owen's jar is the left and Ella's is the right. The one in the middle is for them to share...it holds those floss picks you can buy at The Dollar Tree. 

The next part was brushing school. 

I really explained how you are supposed to brush each section of your teeth and how you aren't supposed to squeeze a ton of toothpaste out!!!

Now don't think I haven't actually done this with the kids before...I have, but maybe they are old enough that it sticks this time around! 

The next thing I did was I downloaded the Disney Tooth Timer App. The hygienist recommended it. The kids each have their own profile and they get to pick their character. Owen has Darth Vader, Jack has Captain America, Ella has Elsa and Zeke has Iron Man. When they brush it has a timer that goes for 2 minutes. As it counts down the screen of the phone is being brushed while they are brushing their teeth. When the two minutes is up it exposes a picture that was covered up by all the toothpaste. Every time they brush they get a half a star so if they brush morning and night they get a full star every day. I'm not sure how it's calculated, but after a while they get achievements that are added to their profile. It's super simple really and they LOVE it! 

Here's the toothbrush holder on the right side of the sinks. Jack's is on the left and Zeke's is on the right. So far these small changes have made a world of difference. Their toothbrushes are no longer on the sink or in the drawer. They've been rinsing their toothbrushes out and their toothpaste doesn't look like it's exploded everywhere. Plus now that they have easy access to the floss picks they have been using those more frequently as well. I wish there was something on the app to remind them to floss as well. Overall the changes have been a success though! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Value Village Finds!

On Friday April 8th Value Village was having a 50% off sale for all clothing and accessories. I texted Kim to see if she could go with me. I had to drop Jack off at Hansi's birthday party and she had brunch with her mom so it worked out for her to go. I picked her up at her mom's and we headed out around 3:30pm. Normally if I was going shopping on a 50% off day I would want to get there as early as possible to avoid the crowds, but it really wasn't bad at all. The dressing room lines were fine...in fact I think I only had 2 people in front of me once. The rest of the times I just got right in. Kim and I were there until after 6pm and it was such a fun time. Afterwards we went out to eat at La Costa in Burien. It was such a great spontaneous girls day out! 

And this was my haul! Left to right....two grey coats (they were coats that were given out at the Hot Chocolate race in Seattle), a black and white dress from The Limited, pair of Spiderman snow boots for Jack, black and white Old Navy striped shirt to wear with my leggings, purple Nike sweatshirt type shirt, pair of Old Navy jeans for me (I also got a pair of Levi jeans for Michael he's just holding them), red and white dress, blue and white dress from The Limited, white dressy shirt, white sandels for me and a brown purse that Zeke is stepping on. 

I got Ella this cute shirt that she absolutely loves....she wore it for 2 days! I also got her these cute dressy flip flops.

The only thing that wasn't on sale was this absolutely adorable fire hydrant sprinkler. I wasn't sure if it would actually work so I asked the lady if I could bring it back if it didn't and she said yes. I tried it out right when I got home and I was so happy it worked. It's got 3 settings. Water can come out the hose, it can shoot water out toward the side or water can come out the top and make it spin around. The kids are going to love it this summer! I didn't even think about it until later that it's super funny for us to have this since Michael works for the water district! 

So for 16 things I paid a total of $50.84!!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Break!

Ga-Ga & Pa kept the kids for us Sunday - Tuesday of Spring Break. 

On Monday they took the kids to the bouncy place. 

My kids are always up for a challenge! 

I think Ga-Ga said they got 90 minutes and used 80 before they were done! 

Bounce bounce! 

It's so awesome to see Zeke joining in on these things. He used to be so scared of all this stuff! 



Of course the kids got a chance to play games. Pa said they had used up their $6 in no time flat! 

Riding the ponies! 

Cowboy Jack on a carousal horse! 

Stopping for a photo op! 

I'm sure they were pretty tuckered out! 

I was so excited to see the pictures of them with the train. 

This was the kids favorite mall toy and then they took it away at The Commons. I'm so glad it's still in use somewhere. I have no idea if this is exactly the same one, but it sure looks like it! 

On Tuesday they headed to the zoo! 

Heading in! 

Time for the aquarium! 

The kids love the zoo! 

Especially when they get to touch the animals. 

The classic picture with the shark teeth! 

Checking out the view from above! 

Thought this was a fun shot that Pa got of Ga-Ga and the kids! 

Cute stair step kids! 

I remember Zeke freaking out when he saw the shark the first time we took him to the zoo.....my how things have changed! 

Now he's front and center for everything! 
We can't wait until the new aquarium opens next year! 

Checking out the elephants! 


The walrus is always a must see. 

The polar bear was completely on display. I've never seen him out this well. 

He's always my favorite animal to watch! 

So big!  

Cute Ella Grace! 

The Family statues! 

Afterwards it was time for a blizzard treat! 


Ice cream for everyone! 

When they got home I went out to greet them and Jack rolled down his window and said wait...you can see me standing in the background waiting. They just had to get pictures with their prizes from the zoo. Jack got a Bangal Tiger and Zeke got a Red Wolf. 

Ella got a bag of smooth colored rocks. 

Owen got a bubble blower. 

Wednesday was the day I had to take all 4 kids to the dentist. We actually did more than that though...Dentist, Dollar Store, Library, BricksR4Kids store and then Michael took them to the mini LEGO build at the mall later that night. 

Zeke man has 2 cavities and he needs sealants....he'll be getting those taken care of in May. 

He was a super brave boy and got his first X-rays! 

Thursday was a stay home day! 

Friday the kids and I headed down to hang out with Ga-Ga & Pa and see their new hardwood floors and carpet. 

It's beautiful!!! 

On our way to their house we ran a few errands. At Costco they had some super cute clothes. I took pictures to see which one Pa would like better on Ella. 

Dress #1

Dress #2

Of course he liked dress #2 better. I didn't end up buying either on that day, but I did get her a cute CK outfit with a skirt and top. Of course now that she's tried it on she doesn't like it so I'll be taking that back! 

On Thursday my friend Margie called me saying she had 2 tickets to the Newsboys concert on Friday night and she wasn't able to use them. She was wondering if we could. I called Michael and his first reservation was the fact that there were only 2 tickets. He didn't want the boys to fight about it. I talked with Owen and asked him if he wanted to go and he was so sweet he honestly didn't want to go and he really wanted Jack to go. The next hurtle was seeing if Ga-Ga & Pa could watch the other 3 kids on Friday night since I already had plans at church. Of course they were fine with watching the kids. 

There was a little hiccup when it came to the tickets though. Because they were purchased through Groupon they had a name on them and that name needs to match the drivers license of the person using the tickets. Of course it didn't match. I was at Bunco at church and I was trying to call Margie to get her to email a photo of the drivers license, but she wasn't answering...she was at her daughters play at school. I told Michael to just take Jack to a movie or do something to make up for it. About an hour later I got a text with this picture....

And this view!!!!

Michael had seen a scalper with a sign 2 tickets for $40. He only had $20 to spend and after explaining the situation to the lady she sold them to him for $20!!! I was so happy for him and Jack. It was just amazing and so much fun for them! 

Our spring break wasn't super adventurous, but the kids definitely weren't bored either!