Monday, January 16, 2017

Owen's 10 Year Pictures!

The day before Owen turned 10 years old I took him to JCPenny's for his yearly birthday pictures. As always he was super easy to get pictures of. 

Seriously when did he get so tall?!?! That tall upper body and those long legs. Sheesh!!! 

My ten year old that picked out his entire outfit for his photo shoot! 

Such a handsome dude! 

I'm so blessed to have this guy in my life! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Owen Is 10 Years Old!!!

A decade....2 digits...and just like that he's 10 years old!!! 

I'm just at a loss for how this has happened! I remember those early days and how it felt like the lack of sleep would be our norm forever. Then I remember playing with Owen on the floor coaxing him to crawl. Waiting for Daddy to get home and actually being a little bored since I was just with a baby all day long. Oh my how times have changed! 

Owen has grown so much this he has every year before! He's at this perfect phase right now really. He's responsible to the point I can give him directions and he can accomplish them. He can even follow a list if I give him one...future amazing husband in the making for sure!!! ;)

At the same time he's still a serious goofball!

My favorite thing that I'm just soaking up is the fact that he still loves to snuggle with me and give me kisses. He will even come up to me at the end of the night, hug me and say that he needs his mama loves. Melt my heart! I know that these days are fleeting and he'll soon be going through some big changes and hugging his mom will probably be the last thing he wants to I'm totally cherishing this time! 

This guy is absolutely all boy! 

He loves guns, LEGOS, Minecraft, bikes, chess and pretty much any board game really. 

Owen has been good about stepping out of his comfort zone this last year. He has been in two school musical productions. One where he signed up for speaking lines. My favorite line was, "That IS a McDonald's french fry container!"

This guy could be out on his bike probably daily! 

Or the neighbors Green Machine....sadly our awesome neighbors moved back to California!

This boys drives his Daddy crazy with wearing his hood all the time....even inside! 

Owen is the typical oldest brother. Always being asked to do things that his younger siblings might not be able to do. For the most part he takes it in stride. 

He loves his Daddy and looks up to him in many ways. 


Owen is still the kid that very much enjoys adults! He is a first born. He can talk any adults head off if you let him. He is affectionate with adults that he loves....he still hugs Ms. Davidson every change he gets! 

Getting in on some the bench building action with Daddy! 

Enjoying homemade ice cream! 

Making homemade pizza! Like I said in many of the Christmas posts....I have so enjoyed the kids help in the kitchen this year. Look at him....he can work at the countertop and doesn't need a chair. That's so amazing to me! This kids growing up thing is actually pretty cool! 

Owen got a taste of what it's like to owe money and be in debt, but then he also paid it off! Good lessons for a young one! 

He actually has a T-shirt that says, "This kid loves candy!" He sure does!!!! 

Even though he's grown so much I would still be surprised if he is over 60lbs soaking wet. His Dr's. appointment isn't until March so we'll find out then how much he weights


I love that if he's around dirt he can't help but dig right in! 

As well as learning some woodwork he also got to help with some gardening! 

The best thing about the backyard for him has hands down got to be the fire pit. This kid loves fire!! So much so we've had to have talks about fire safety a few different times. We've even said that if he'd like to experiment with burning different things all he has to do is ask and then Daddy and him can do some experiments in a safe way. 

Look at that lean boy! Cute kid would run around without a shirt or just in his boxers all day every day if I let him! 

He is quite the entrepreneurial as well. He made this about wagon rides for a certain amount of money. 

He made a bit of cash off his siblings! 

Owen isn't super interested in toys anymore except toys that require building. This marble set was way to hard for him to build....Daddy about threw it in the garbage, but he loved playing with it. Marble runs, LEGOS, train sets those are the kind of things that he enjoys. 

His favorite thing in the summer time has got to be the pool. He's such a fish! 

He's thankfully really good about picking out his clothes...this was for fancy day at school. Now if I can just get him to hang up the clothes he tries on and then doesn't wear! 

Owen still doesn't really like to do jobs, but he's great at them. He also earned a lot of money doing them! 

Handsome brothers!!! 

I think the best thing for Owen this last year has been bringing home Charlie. He was so good about keeping Charlie in the box while we drove home. He absolutely loves that cat. It's been a joy to watch him focus on something other than himself. 

Finding things to be grateful for has come easier to Owen this last year. In fact he usually pipes up when something bad happens with a positive note. 

Finding joy in the little things....even snow while it's raining! 

He loves to play games, but we are working on not getting all down trodden when things don't go his way. 

He loves to show us new things....this year he showed us how to properly make snowflakes. This was something he learned at school. 

He's such a handsome boy! 

Owen is not really an artsy boy....he's never really been into coloring. He did go through a period where he liked to draw army scenes. But when it comes to food he'll flip his artsy switch on for sure! 

Recently we crossed a huge milestone....Owen sat in the front seat! 

This was a total fluke because I had to take the neighbor kids to the gym where their mom works and I forgot that Michael had taken out the 8th seat in the van. I didn't have time to put it in and make it to the bus stop in time. So Owen had to sit in the front seat. You'd think he'd be super stoked and want to look around and soak it up. Nope....he had his nose in a book for almost the whole ride! That's my book worm for you! I did tell him to not get used to that because he probably won't ride in the front seat again until he's 12! 

And here he is getting his 10 year birthday pictures at JCPenny's! Totally crazy! 

My boy that made me a mom 10 years ago! My boy that was the answer to hundreds if not thousands of prayers. My boy that hired me for my most favorite and cherished job ever! My boy that just keeps on making the world a better place year after year. My boy that makes you smile and roll your eyes because of his amazingly annoying perseverance...seriously he needs to be a lawyer! My boy that really doesn't follow the crowd....praise the Lord! My boy that loves His Maker and knows that this world and everything in it was created! My boy that still loves for me to sing to him and pray for him every night! My boy who is 10 years old today! 

Owen Michael....Mommy loves you sweet pea! You are such an amazing young man....yes....young man! You were a baby, you were a toddler, you were a preschooler, you were a boy, but now you are a young man for sure! You are only going to getting older and matter how much I would love to freeze time. On the same note you just get better and better with age. You are at such a great place right now buddy. You are super excited that you can stay home by yourself even though Mommy only lets you do that when I run up to the school to pick up your younger siblings from LEGO's a start and you really enjoy it! You are such a wonderful young man or young sir as Daddy calls you. My prayer for you this year is that you grow deeper and deeper in your knowledge of the Lord. That you really find your Jesus! I know that we have introduced you to Him, but you are getting to the age where you really need to get to know Him for yourself. I pray that your heart for Him and His will in your life will be something that you truly seek. You are God's child Owen and He has great things for you! I love you SO much buddy!

Happy 10th Birthday Owen!!!! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ella's Mermaid Tail Blanket!

This year I was having the hardest time figuring out what to buy Ella for her want present. That is until I saw my friend Alicia post about a mermaid tail blanket she made her daughter. Ella isn't the type of kid that needs a lot of toys really. She is happy to have simple things like a play phone, a purse, dress up clothes, a pad of papers and markers. She loves to make herself a pallet to lay on and draw or color. I knew this would be perfect for her. 

Joann's has amazing deals during Black Friday weekend so I scored the fleece for her blanket at 70% off! Instead of paying $30 for her blanket I only paid $9!!!

When I decided this was what I was making her I of course went to Pinterest to find a pattern to use. I found one where a lady had a nice video and she even had a downloadable fin pattern that you could print and cut out. After printing that out I had to use wrapping paper to make the rest of the pattern. 

Here is the patter all cut out. 

Then I had to lay the patter on the fleece, pin it and cut it out. 

Here's the tail all cut out and ready to be sewed. 

Since fleece is heavy and soft you don't really have to do a lining, but I know my daughter and if she feels anything strange she will not like it. I know that she would not like the feeling of the seams so doing a lining would help her not feel those. From the second color of fleece I cut out another tail, the waist and the fin. 

Cut, pinned and ready to sew! 

Fleece can be tricky to likes to move. I don't have a walking foot for my sewing machine, but I made it work. It's just a lot of tugging and your hands get tired, but it's doable. 

The outer tail all sewed up! 

Now for the lining! 

With the outer tail you turn it right side out, but with the inner lining you leave it inside out that way the nice side is what you feel when you put the blanket on. Not sure if that makes sense! The only thing I was worried about was the fact that the outer tail and the inner lining were made to be the same size. I needed to tuck the inner lining in, but I thought it would be too big to fit nicely. 

I was right it was too I went back and zigzag stitched again on one side of my inner lining and then I cut off where my first zigzag stitches were. This made the inner lining just a little bit smaller than the outer tail piece. 

After that I was able to put the inner lining inside the outer tail and it fit perfectly! 

Next up was sewing the waist. 

I hemmed it on both sides and then sewed it into a big loop. 

Then I pinned it onto the top portion of the tail.

Then I sewed the waist pieces to the two pieces of the tail. 

Next up was sewing the fin pieces together. 

All sewed and ready to attached the fin to the tail piece. This was the most difficult part mainly because you are sewing through 6 layers of fleece. I did end up breaking a needle and getting a bit frustrated. 

I also missed some of the fabric and ended up having to resew it and the lines looked all gross. Enter in some decorative lace to cover up the yucky looking lines. 

This was so delicate I had to hand sew it on! 

Lace covered up my blunder! I also sewed lines up the fin a little to give it a bit more detail. 

There it is....5 hours later! 

As well as giving her a mermaid tale blanket I also got her a mermaid coloring book and new markers. So excited to see her all snuggled down in it! 

Here she is all snuggled in it! She loves it!!! 

I had a few people inquire about having me make them for their daughters and then paying me. At first I was against it, but now I'm thinking I might. But I would want to wait until Black Friday to get the best possible deal on the fleece so I wouldn't have to charge a ton of money. $9 for the fleece, $2 for thread and then the cost of labor I was thinking I would charge $35 - $45 per mermaid tail. I do need to make it worth my time. The first one took me 5 hours, but now it shouldn't take that long. I most definitely would not be able to punch out a dozen of these in one day though. So if you are interested in having me make one for a special girl in your life let me know.