Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy, Busy, BUSY!

As you've probably noticed I haven't blogged in a couple days and that's due to the fact that we are having a garage sale this weekend and I'm sorting, pricing and organizing like a crazy lady. I'll be back next week with updates on our crazy life!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Because Even Playhouses Need To Be Clean!

On Friday morning I was sweeping up all the crumbs on the floor in the dining room. Ella came in and noticed so she went and got her vacuum. The sliding glass door was open since the boys had been playing in the sandbox so Ella just went right out there to clean her house! When I saw this I had to get my camera and take pictures. She is just so cute!

Vroom Vroom!

I'm cleaning my house Mama!

See her owie on her's from falling off the ladder on the slide. Poor baby girl! She's one tough cookie though!

And because you can't say it's clean until you vacuum outside the house too...enjoy the video!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

40 Years And Counting!

Today we went to Ga-Ga & Pa's to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends.

I made their anniversary sign using my SIL's Cricut it was so much fun and so easy!

My Dad had a whole table set up with memorabilia including their wedding pictures, my mom's wedding dress and her prom dress that she worn on their first date when she was 15 years old. My mom was even wearing her original wedding ring today. Sadly my Dad's wedding ring is over in some field in Germany since he lost it while he was in the Army shortly after their wedding. The book on right is a Shutterfly book that I made that is a synopsis of my parents life from their first date until now.

My mom had the bakery at Albertson's make a replica of their original wedding cake. It was beautiful! The cake topper on top is actually their topper from their wedding!

Even though it was a celebration for them, Mom wanted to do the food herself...of course she had help from family though.

Uncle Ry working the grill.

Aunt Stephie putting all that wonderful meat on platters for us to enjoy! Yummy!!!

So many people came out to join in the celebration!

Family, friends, co-workers...all loved ones!!!

What a beautiful day for a celebration!

Then it was time to get the festivities started. Pictures and speeches....

Uncle Ry said a few words...

 Then Dad read a couple things. First a little about their first date over 43 years ago and then some lovely words about how "she melts all his heart away with just the shadow of her smile!"

What a wonderful smile it is!!!

Time for cutting the cake!


Thank you baskets I made and had at all the tables! Thank you for coming out and celebrating the love my parents share for each other!


Side Note: I wrote this earlier in the week when the weather was all gray and yucky!

Lately we've been taking walks around our neighborhood and through the woods we have near us. It's been fun learning to walk on new terrain (for Ella), running to see if the mud puddles are still there, teaching about "3 leaves let it be", throwing rocks and sticks, visiting with neighbors and being with each other! Now if the temperature could just stay over 75 for more than 2 days that would be perfect!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Day In Pictures...Okay And Some Words Too!

All I've got to say about the below picture is IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

Renton River Day's Parade here we come!

Are we going to get candy Mama?

Ella sitting in her new camping chair...for about 2 minutes.

Noisy garbage trucks =

Scared boy! He did much better this year than last and we did remember earplugs this time.

Jack was happy as long as he had candy to eat. Kim made cute hobo bags for each of the kids at Andrew's birthday party and I brought those for the boys to have a place to put their candy in and they worked great!

Since Ella wasn't wanting to sit in her chair I decided to wear her...she still loves it despite the look on her face. Since we wasn't enjoying her chair another cute little girl sat in it for the majority of the was adorable!

We left before the parade was done and went to lunch and then it was onto Best Buy. I did a bunch of research online on Friday night because we needed a new microwave...ours decided to bite the dust on Thursday. Life without a microwave is no fun! I did research whether or not we should have someone come fix it and it's just not worth it since it cost over a $100 just to have them walk in your door not including any parts and a brand new microwave cost us $200.

And of course the first thing that was made in it...popcorn!

On our way home from Best Buy I passed a garage sale and something caught my eye. I took Michael and Ella home since she was sleeping and needed to be put in her bed. Then the boys and I headed back out. Jack had money from his piggy bank and Owen had some from his train bank. Jack got this SUPER awesome Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy. They don't even make them anymore and when they did they sold at Toys R Us for about $50...he got it for $5!!! He's in love with it! Owen bought a cool mini skateboard for a $1....I didn't get picture of him though he was too busy playing outside watering the lawn.

After that the boys and I headed out again to Rock The Bulb! They were passing out flyer's at the parade and this weekend it's near us in Kent. I turned in 10 incandescent light bulbs and got 10 new energy efficient ones for free! Awesome!!

After Ella woke up from nap we have leftovers for dinner. I love it when you redo leftovers into something new...we had Greek food on Pita bread the other day and this time we decided to make them into a wrap instead. Yummy!

Then how can you have such a beautiful day and NOT spending it down at the beach. At 6pm we headed out to Dash Point State Park...only to sadly discover that you have to pay to get into State Parks now. S.T.U.P.I.D! So we turned around and headed down a little further to the beach by the Lobster Shop. We were sure there would be NO parking, but guess what....front row spot with our name on it!! Gorgeous!!!!

Running for the water!

Scooping some sand!

Beautiful day with my beautiful girl!

Daddy's sand castle!

Throwing sticks into the water and getting all wet!

Being timid about the water.

It's been breached!

Help Mama!!

How do you end a perfect day??? 

Eating ice cream at Cold Stone (used the last of our gift card that we were blessed with) of course!

With good company helps too!

Courtesy...It's Certainly NOT Common!

So lately I've just been getting annoyed about where society is moving right now. I'm sure that every generation goes through this at some point...thinking the next generation is in the wrong. But at the same time I don't necessarily think it's the younger ones a lot of the times it the older ones too. People in general can be so inconsiderate! Here are some experiences I've had recently that just keep coming back to my mind.

- While doing the monthly shopping at Costco earlier this month I came out to my van, loaded up the groceries and turned around to go put my cart away. Not only was the cart thing full, but two people decided to be super lazy (since there was a lazy person before them that didn't put their cart in properly) and just rest there cart up against the edge of the cart holder. In doing so they completely blocked a car into a spot. There was no way this person could have backed out. Can you say RUDE!!! I was beyond flabbergasted! Of course I fixed the carts and put mine in the cart holder and they all fit.

- We've gone to quite a few movies this month due to using gift cards, purchasing tickets through Groupon or going to the cheap theater. I love going to the's an escape for 2 hours. It seems like almost every time we go to the movies now someone (usually sitting right in front of us) HAS to check their smartphone and text someone. Really? You honestly can't sit through a 2 hour movie and NOT check your phone. Those stupid screens are bright and I paid to see this movie I want to see it and not be blinded by someone phone. If you can't tell I'm not a fan of smart phones or texting. In fact I hate texting and I don't see myself becoming a texter anytime soon. I don't mind it for a quick little, "I'm out front waiting" or something, but for a super long conversation I'd rather pick up the phone and talk to someone. I know that one day I will give in and buy a smart phone though. I do like them for certain things like finding a restaurant or being able to update my Cozi Calendar when I'm out and about. That would be cool!

-  There are also a lot of little things like someone cutting in-between you when you're looking at the grocery store shelves and not saying "excuse me". Or someone parking their cart right in the middle of the aisle and looking at you like your a jerk when you say "excuse me" so you can get by. Are manners are non-existent anymore???

Okay I know there are more, but I can't think of them...*stepping off my soap box*

Friday, July 22, 2011

GG's In Town!

Today we spent the day at Ga-Ga & Pa's house. I figured it would be nice to get out of the house since the weather was going to be nice and GG is in town! She flew in on Wednesday and we hadn't been down to see her yet. I also thought it would be nice for the kids to get to play with all the fun stuff at Ga-Ga & Pa's since I haven't been feeling good. It started as a sore throat on Sunday and by Wednesday afternoon I had no voice. I still have no voice and it just plain sucks!

It was SO nice outside...really just perfect! A much needed break from all the drabby gray skies we've been having lately. I LOVE the blue sky!

The only thing I didn't think of is that kids are kids. Kids want to be swung on the swings, kids want to be pushed around the yard in the giant blow up ball, kids want to be where you are. So when I wanted to go sit down and rest that means they were inside with me.

I did get a teeny tiny cat nap on the couch, but it was nothing really. Overall I think I overdid it. I talked too much and strained my voice. Not talking for someone who LOVES to talk is a really hard thing to do! Plus this whole thing has made me realize just how much I actually talk to myself...I don't even need anyone around!

It was fun to visit with GG and we will get to see her a bunch since she's going to be here a whole month!

 She definitely had fun pushing the boys a couple times in the giant blow up ball and all the kids on the swings. I'm sure she feels like she overdid it too! :)

When A Dot Speaks A Thousand Words!

See that tiny dot on the 28th? That dot happens to be on October 28th of this year. Remember when I mentioned I couldn't bring myself to write the baby's due date on the calendar? That's where the pen touched that day and then I pulled my hand away. Something stopped me from actually writing it in...I just couldn't do it! The other day I happened to turn to the month of October and I noticed that dot. That tiny dot that brought a whole lot of thoughts into my head.

Thoughts of how I should be walking around feeling a baby moving in my womb. Thoughts of how my lap should be quickly disappearing. Thoughts of how many kisses my belly should be getting from Ella kissing the baby. Thoughts of holding a nursing a baby in just a few short months. Thoughts of changing cute little teeny tiny diapers.

But those are just thoughts...they are not a reality!

At least not right now...on my doctor's advise I am going to be visiting my OBGYN in August to consult with her on whether or not she feels comfortable with me getting pregnant while taking my meds. We'll see what she says and what God has in store for our family.