Monday, June 30, 2014


While we were at my parents house we had a celebration for my Dad's birthday and also a family friend Jim's. Since they were going to be opening presents Santa Al thought that the kids would need a present too so he brought all the kids these awesome helicopters. 

They were definitely a big hit! 

The best part was no batteries! You just put the helicopter on a launching stick and then pulled the string to launch it. 

Of course the second time I went to launch one I broke the handle because I pulled too hard/too far out. Oops! Michael was able to fix it, but after that the boys didn't want me touching their planes. Later on Pa did the same thing so at least I didn't feel so bad. These are definitely made for kids and not adults...I think we are just too powerful for them! 

After leaving Ga-Ga & Pa's on Sunday night we came home and the first thing the boys wanted to do was fly their helicopters. 

They were quite proud of their aircraft! 

He thinks he's too cool for school! 

Ready to launch! 

Action shot! 

I thought it was pretty cool that I actually got them moving in the shot even if they are all blurry. I have a feeling these are going to be a big hit for quite awhile. 

Thanks Santa Al! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rollin' With Your Pony!

Last weekend we were at my parents house for my Dad's birthday celebration. On Sunday before we left Zeke was motoring around on my old brown pony. He was so determined I just had to get my camera out. 

I'm so bummed this is blurry! He just doesn't stop moving though! 

He was really moving his pony! 

Then for some reason he got it in his head that he should pick up his pony. 

I think he thought that he was going to take it home since Daddy was busy packing up the van with all our stuff. 

But then he saw Pa's car rug in his office and it was all over....pony...pony who! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Floor Won!

Recently we moved Zeke out of his highchair and into a tall chair just like Ella. He'd been doing just fine with sitting on it and getting up and down with some help. On Thursday he was drinking out of his water bottle and I think he might have tilted his head too far or just wasn't paying attention, but the next thing I knew he face planted on the floor. Since he was holding his water bottle he didn't even try to catch himself. 

This is right after it happened. I snapped this shot so I could send it to Daddy. At his 2 year check-up he fell over and hit his head on the window seal and has had a bruise on his forehead ever since. It seems like whenever it's almost healed up he hits his head again. 

This was the morning after...thankfully the swelling had gone down a bit by then. I had given him some Children's Ibuprofen to help. And no those aren't's just the way his skin got scraped. And right before this picture he was walking out of the garage to get to the van and he walked too quickly and hit head on the garage door going up! I think I might start having him wear his McQueen helmet! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Des Moines Beach Park!

Last week after our awful Thursday Michael decided to try to change the mood in our house by taking us all out to explore the beach. It was just the thing we needed as a family! 

Michael had checked the tide schedule and knew it was going to be way out at Des Moines Beach Park. 

Zeke checking out the beach! 

Jack wasn't as interested in the beach...he loves to climb on the big rocks! 

Of course the main goal was exploring and looking for crabs! 

Daddy would catch a crab every now and then so the kids could check it out up close. 

Owen really got into turning the rocks over on his own. It was actually hilarious seeing him try to turn over rocks that were obviously too big for him! 

This little girl might dress up in dresses everyday, but she is not only a girly girl. She loves to get in on the action too! 

There was a little girl that was also on the beach and she sort of tagged along with us while her parent were closer to shore. 

Not sure what Jack was showing Zeke here, but it was serious business! 

Zeke actually did really well on all the uneasy terrain. 

There were about 10 sailboats out in the Puget Sound right in front of us. I think it was a sailing class or something because there was a boat that was stationary and every now and then it would blow a horn and then the boats would all do the same thing. It was interesting! 

Little tiny hermit crab! 

The fresh air did us all some good! 

Checking out the tidal pools! 

Sea life is so entertaining! 

Jack found SO many treasure he just had to take home. In fact his bomber jacket pockets were stuffed with treasures!

Daddy even carried Zeke out into the tidal pool! 

I think he's holding an eaten crab so it's just the shell. He said that was his favorite thing about the whole trip. He thought that was pretty cool! 

Jack found me this shell that looks like butterfly wings. 

I love where we live! So beautiful! 

Ella ended up loosing her footing in the tidal pool so she got all wet. We ended up having to cut out trip short since she was so itchy from the water. 

Before we left though Jack and I went back to explore the rocks at the shore. He said this was his favorite part of the trip! 

He was so happy that I was with him. I love climbing so it was fun for me too! 

I sat down and was looking out at Daddy and the other 3 kids and then I panicked a little since I couldn't see Zeke. His outfit and the fact that he was crouching down made him really blend into the environment. 

And since there would be no photographic proof that I was actually there I ended up taking a selfie! 

Oh....and we were able to check this off our bucket list!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Last Wednesday I had an appointment to get my hair cut. Usually I just go by myself, but this sweet girl wants to be with me at all times. Since she's older now it's so much easier taking her places. She's able to sit and not getting too antsy.

As we were driving to Renton I realized that we were going to be about a half and hour early to my appointment so instead of just waiting I decided to make a detour and take Ella to Coulon park to play for a little while. 

This is a very rare thing for her to get to go all by herself. She was so excited to run around.

I love this playground! There are so many things to explore and climb over and's great! 

Lots of fun sliding! 

Lots of fun climbing! 

All sorts of different things to climb too! 

We were only there for about 15 minutes, but she made the most of it! 

She loved all the bridges to cross! 

One more slide and then it was time to go!