Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1 & 2 Month Check-Up

Yesterday Jack had his 1 month check up, but since he is so close to being 2 months old they let us combine the two appointments. He doesn't have to go back to the doctors until October now. YAHOO!!! It's so much more difficult taking two kids. Anyway Jack is now weighing in at 10lbs 2.5oz. He is literally almost exactly half of what Owen weighs. He also grew 2 1/2 inches and is 21 3/4 inches long. He's already grown out of clothes. :(

Monday, July 21, 2008


Jack has just recently started making so many different facial expressions. He can even raise one eyebrow. Too cute!!!

In Love

I know this might sound weird to most people, but I was not instantly in love with Jack the moment I saw him. It wasn't like it was with Owen. I've heard people say that they were worried they wouldn't have enough love in their hearts to go around once the second child got here, but then when they saw the baby their heart just grew. I didn't have that happen. Not to say I rejected my child. I loved Jack because he was mine and God had blessed me with him, but I wouldn't say I was "in love" with him. Not sure if that makes sense. It was really hard for me in the beginning because I felt like I was betraying Owen when I was taking care of Jack. I remember feeling totally guilty that I had to pay attention to another baby. I don't think I had postpartum depression or anything, but who know. I guess I felt as if Jack was more of a job than a blessing in the beginning. With that said...when Jack was 5 weeks old I totally and completely fell head of heels in love with him. He is such a precious precious baby. I love every bit of him. The sweet faces he makes, his cute whimpery cries, the way he follows me with his eyes when I move around the room. He's is such a joy and I'm so thankful that I'm finally in love with my second baby boy and I don't feel guilty about it anymore!

It's my party...

Last week when Owen had his fever he was just completely out of sorts. It was a rough couple of days for all of us. I just couldn't resist taking some crying pictures though.

He totally has that pouty face down!!

We can't end this post on a sour note though!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


After looking at the last post again I remembered there was a picture of Owen that was very similar to the one I had just posted of Jack. I do think they look alike in many ways, but they are different as well. The similarities of these two pictures just amazed me though...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7 hours...almost!

Last night Jack slept almost 7 hours...which means I slept almost 7 hours!!! YAHOO!!! I so needed that. I hope this becomes our new routine!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Real Life - Momentous Occasions

We were so young...18 years old, but I was technically 3 months older than my mom when she got married. You know I used that as part of the argument when she mentioned that we were too young to marry. Actually all of our parents were thrilled that Michael and I wanted to get married. Even though we were so young. May 8th 1999 was a terrific day. The weather was beautiful and everything went as planned. It was my dream wedding. I remember that a family friend video taped the wedding and he asked us if we were ready to be married and we both said we just wanted to get on with the wedding and get it over with. We had been engaged for over a year so we were so excited to actually start our lives together as husband and wife.
On June 3rd 2006 we flew to San Francisco for a 24 hour vacation with our friends Micah & Kim. It was probably the most packed fun filled 24 hours of my life. It was great! We didn't know at the time that I was 4 weeks pregnant with Owen.

This picture was taken about 13 hours before Owen was born. It was Sunday 01/14/07. Michael and I went to church, but left early because we wanted to watch the Seahawks game, I know we're evil!!! We went to my parents house and my Dad took this picture. At 2:40am the next morning my water broke.

Michael got to hold Owen first since I had to have a C-Section. I remember watching him change right before my eyes into a Daddy. It still makes me cry as he cried that morning holding his son.

This is the day my brother found out he was an Uncle. It was June 11th 2007. I stopped in to see him at his work. I'm so happy that one of his co-workers had a camera phone so we could capture this moment.

Of course there are many more momentous occasions that have happened in our lives like Jack being born of course, but since I've been blogging about him a lot lately I thought I would just share these.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pacific Contractors

Michael has decided to venture into the world of small business yet again. When we were first married he owned his own painting company called Pacific Painting. He did really well, but after the first year when pretty much all of our savings when to pay our taxes he decided to go back to work for his old boss.

This time around we are older and wiser so things should go more smoothly. Michael isn't quitting his normal Monday to Friday job just yet though. This business venture is something that he's starting out on the weekends. Eventually he might have a guy working for him during the week, but we'll see how things go.

I have really been enjoying helping out with the office aspects of the business. I love working with Publisher. I have created flyers, business cards and invoice sheets for Michael. It's been great to use my creative side for something other than scrap booking. Here is the business card!!


Yesterday afternoon when Owen woke up from his nap he was on fire!!! The rest of the afternoon he was not a very happy guy at all. We put him to bed around his normal bedtime which is 8pm. When I went to bed at 10:20ish I heard him crying and I could tell he wasn't going to go back to sleep. I went in and got him and he was scorching hot again. We gave him some Infant Tylenol to help the fever go down and we undressed him since his clothes were soaked. We decided he could just sleep with us. It took him about 2 hours to fall asleep so that was around 12:30. For some reason I decided that it would be a good time to actually take his temperature right about then (sleep deprivation does weird things to you) so I went to get the thermometer. When I did Owen sat up in bed and cried once and then basically fell right back down onto the mattress. By the time I got back to the bedroom it looked like he was sleeping again. I rubbed his back and couldn't tell if he was breathing. It totally freaked me out. I of course flipped on the light and woke everyone up. He was fine he was just sleeping. Since we were up we took his was 102. We gave him some more Tylenol and went back to bed. We woke up many more times throughout the night with Owen dry heaving and then Jack woke up to eat around 2:30. Luckily Jack didn't wake up again until 7:30! Anyway Owen's fever has broke now, but he's still not back to normal. He did take a 3 hour nap in his crib this morning so I think that helped a little.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Poor Guy

Owen has had a rough couple of days. He has been waking up early and he has not been acting his normal happy self. This morning he woke up at 6:20 and when I went in to get him he was so hot to the touch. Those darn teeth of his better pop through fast. He's just been so whiny and uncomfortable. I feel so bad for him. This afternoon Michael was feeding him lunch while I was upstairs. Michael went to the bathroom and when he came back to the dining room table Owen was asleep. Too precious!!!

Daddy & His Boys!

Buying extra baby things...$200 - Giving birth without insurance...$16,000 - Seeing Michael with his boys...PRICELESS!!!

Say Cheeeeeessssseeee!!!!

We are going to have family pictures taken in August so I thought I would see what Owen would do if I asked him to "Say Cheese"....
He is so cute!!! Check out that chubby thigh of his! I LOVE baby rolls!!!!

Similarities & Differences

Owen at 3 months
Jack at 1 month

It's so hard not to compare your second child to your first. Not that it's a bad thing to compare, but I am trying really hard to remember that Jack is NOT Owen he is Jack and there are going to be difference between them. So I started a list of similarities and differences for fun...

Born with blue eyes.
Born with very little hair on their heads.
Fair skinned
Get choked up when they nurse.
Will not let go of their burps.
Stubborn (I wonder where they get this from??)

Weight (Jack is much bigger than Owen was at this age)
Sleeping style (Owen had to be swaddle and slept on his back, Jack doesn't like to be swaddle and he sleeps on his tummy)
Schedule (Owen thrived on a schedule and was a text book Baby Wise baby, Jack has a nighttime schedule, but during the day he's a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy)

I thought of a million of them the other day, but of course my mommy brain strikes again so I'm completely in a fog. If I think of more later I'll add them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Day

Yesterday was such a big day full of lots of adventures. First Owen decided that he should wake up at 6:45. He has done this twice recently, but he usually goes back to sleep...not yesterday though. Later on in the morning I needed to go to Fred Meyer. Jack was having a total meltdown on the way there so I decided to nurse him in the parking lot to see if that would calm him down. He did get calm while he was nursing, but once we went in the store he started up again. I quickly finished the banking I needed to do at the BECU inside and headed out. Poor Jack kept crying the entire way home. Once we got home Owen decided it was his turn for a mild meltdown. I made lunch and put him down for an early nap. The last couple of days he thinks he should only be sleeping an hour at nap time so I was hoping he would sleep longer. He did wake up after 45 minutes, but feel back asleep. Once he woke up we went outside to play and to our surprise Daddy was home early. So much fun!!! While Daddy took a shower we went over to the neighbors house to return some items we had borrowed. They love playing with and holding the kids so it's nice to spend time with them. When we got home I was nursing Jack and Michael was making dinner when Owen decided it would be fun to take two baby food jars and smash them together. One of them broke sending glass all over. Owen kept rubbing his eye so Michael had to get the eyewash to make sure there wasn't anything in his eye. Owen didn't mind it the first time he used it because he didn't know what it was, but the second time he was NOT happy about it.

After dinner we gathered up the cats and their things and hopped in the car. I relisted them on Craigslist yesterday morning and immediately got a response. They are now living in nicer house that we have and there are no kids and no pets to compete with attention wise. I'm so happy that Precious and Punkin have each other and didn't get separated. It's weird though Michael and I have had cats since July 1999 so it felt odd to come home to a house with no cats.

Since we were over on the east hill in Kent we decided to stop by and hang out with Aunt Becky for a little bit. Camryn and Samantha were there too. Samantha is getting so big! Camryn enjoyed playing with and snuggling Owen. Oh yeah Jack had another meltdown the entire ride over to drop the cats off and see Aunt Becky I think he must have cried for 40 minutes. That poor kid just hates the car! He did cry some on the way home from Aunt Becky's, but not the entire way.

Once we got home Michael needed to use the bathroom and Owen came running in too. We brought out his potty chair on Monday since he seems very interested in the potty when we use it. He has sat on it a couple of times, but never gone potty. Michael got him undress and sat him on it. He didn't stay there for very long though. He thought he should run around the house naked instead. He went and found a book and I told him to take it to Daddy at least if he peed on the floor in the bathroom I can just wash the rugs and I won't have to steam clean them. Anyways Daddy had him sit on the potty while he read 10 Little Ladybugs to him and sure enough he went potty on the potty chair. We were so proud of him!!!

Even though Jack had a rough day he was happy right before bed and he slept really good and kept to his routine of waking up around 2 and then going back to bed until 6. He's such a precious boy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Word

Owen is slowly starting to learn new words. He can now say, "Hi Jaaa"! Which stands for Hi Jack. At first I thought he was saying Hi Dad, but then I heard him say, "Hi Jaaa Jaaa" and knew he must be saying Jack since we say Jack Jack all the time. It's so cute to hear him say it whenever he sees his little brother!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

We spent this last weekend at my parents house. It was so nice hanging out with them for more than just a couple of hours. The boys and I went down on Thursday morning to help my mom get ready for the BBQ that they were having at their house since she's still recovering from surgery. Michael came down after work and we all spent the night. The next day a bunch of friends and family came over to celebrate. My mom and dad live in a newer neighborhood and there are a bunch of families with young kids. They all congregate on their street to shoot of their fireworks. It was like being in downtown Seattle for the professional fireworks shows, but we didn't have to pay to park or deal with the crowds. The next two days Michael spent painting their house and the boys and I hung out with mom and dad. It was a lot of fun and a nice vacation from our everyday lives. I was happy to be home and sleep in my own bed and not have a noisy one month old sleeping right next to me. Jack is so noisy when he sleeps!!!
While we were there Jack got totally spoiled with being held to go to sleep. Since we've been home he has very rarely slept by himself unless he's on his tummy in his crib. Thanks Ga-Ga & Pa!!! ;)

I took this picture for perspective so we can look back at it and remember how tiny he was!

Owen has his own seat to swing in on the swing set, but Daddy just thought he would see if Owen would swing like this. He loved it. He just laid his head on his chest for the longest time. The next day I tried it and he did the same thing.

Hey there!!!

Happy Jack!!!

The Backyard!

We have been so focused on the front yard for so long we have been completely ignoring the backyard. This is what happens when you do that...

The grass...let's face it the weeds were talker than Owen!

Michael took this picture kneeling down. That speck of red you see if the red from the lawn mower!!!

Michael had to empty the lawn mower bag quite a few times. He also had to keep lifting up the mower so the poor thing wouldn't choke and die since the grass was so long. I'm so thankful that Michael chose this night to mow the grass because this was the night when we had all the rain from the thunderstorms that came through. I can't imagine how long it would have taken for the grass to dry out so he could mow it without having to empty the bag every foot.

This is the tallest weed that we found. It was literally taller than Michael. This is after the mower cut it down so you know it was taller than this. I had to move it in front of the red door so you could get the full effect.

These are the grass piles that Michael had to rake up because the mower just couldn't pick up all that grass. It was like a green carpet in the backyard.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tummy Sleeper

We found out pretty quickly that Jack enjoyed being on his tummy way more than his back so he is officially a tummy sleeper now. I was really worried about it in the beginning and I still am, but at the same time I was put to sleep on my tummy and I'm still here. I also talked to a girl friend of mine and all three of her kids are tummy sleepers. It made me feel better hearing what she had to say. I still check on Jack a lot, but it has definitely made for better nights since we've been putting him down on his tummy.

Look No Hands!!!

This bring a whole new meaning to Owen's nickname - Monkey!!!!

We have a bench in the family room that has all of Owen's shoes lined up on it. I guess Owen thought Daddy's shoe should go up there too!

First Outing

Last week I took both boys out for the first time all by myself. It really wasn't that scary! It's just different in regards to the logistics of the trip. Instead of just being able to jump out of the car and put Owen in a cart I now have to figure out how to get around with a walking toddler and an infant in a car seat. Our first stop was at Target where I used my new totally awesome double stroller that my mom and dad bought me. Next we went to Kinkos where I just carried Jack in his car seat and held Owen's hand. It worked since it was such a short trip, but there is no way I could keep Owen under control for very long like that. The last stop was Costco and thankfully there carts are big enough that both boys could fit in the seat part so I didn't have to stack up food around Jack like I would have had to if I had to put him in the basket part of the cart. They both did really well for having to make so many stops. It just takes a lot longer now to get errands done! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rough Day

Yesterday was such a rough day for Mommy and Owen. We think Owen is trying to cut some more teeth and he's just at that age where he is testing me. I love this kid to pieces, but yesterday I sure needed a break from him. Thankfully Michael got home from work early and took over. He is such a wonderful man! After dinner when my patience was totally gone I came upstairs and had some alone time on the computer. About a half an hour before it was time for Owen to go to bed I went back downstairs and it was like a clean slate. Owen was so excited to see me and I was so excited to see him. I love that! It was really nice to end the day on a good note. Another plus about last night was Jack only woke up once to eat in the middle of the night. YAHOO!!!