Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day!

Michael and I are much more interested in football than baseball, but Ga-Ga and GG are both die hard baseball fans. GG bought Owen this whole Mariners outfit last year sometime and he's just fitting into it. So in honor of Opening Day I just had to dress him up in it!

Hey...where am I?

On Friday night Owen slept in his new room for the first time. I'm not quite ready to post pictures of the room because we don't have everything on the walls yet. I wasn't sure how Owen would do because he loves his old room and his crib and both of those are new now. I made sure that we played a lot in the room before it was time for him to sleep in it though. He did great! I on the other hand was laying there in bed thinking, "He's so far away"!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

29 Weeks

On Monday I had another doctor's appointment. It was the same normal routine. Check my weight, I only gained 3.5lbs this time. Check my protein and glucose levels, listen to Jack's heartbeat and measure the growth of my uterus. Right now I'm measuring a week ahead of schedule, but that's doesn't mean that Jack will necessarily come early. I did ask the doctor about the fears I've been having about my water breaking prematurely like it did with Owen. She basically told me it's not something to worry about because they can't change whether or not it's going to break early. We'll just have to wait and see. Watch Jack will be so cozy in there they'll have to go in and get him out on his due date.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We spent Easter Sunday with my family down in Orting. We had lasagna for favorite. We also watched the movie Evan Almighty and just hung out. It was great fun!

Striking a pose on the staircase!

Owen enjoying his chocolate Easter bunny from Grandma. He ate the ears in record time.

Sleepy boy just woke up from his nap!

Daddy's Boy!

Cute clapper!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun @ the Park

Grandma could pull the wagon with her good arm.

Going down the slide!

Look at my shadow!

I love this has a steering wheel!

Being outdoors is great!

Babysitting Samantha

On Friday I babysat my youngest niece Samantha. She's almost 5 months old now. Her Mom Becky was taking her older sister Camryn to see The Wiggles at the Tacoma Dome. I was a little concerned how Owen would do because he tends to get very jealous of Mommy paying attention to other kids. I had Jon (Samantha's Dad) get Owen's old bouncy chair out of the garage so I would have some place to lay Samantha and he also brought our swing back that they have been borrowing. Overall Owen did really well. I made sure I put Samantha down and paid attention to him when she didn't really need me and that helped. The only time Owen got really mad was when it was time for Samantha to have her bottle. He just knew that I was feeding her HIS milk and he wasn't going to stand for that. Thankfully Michael I got home from work early so he took care of Owen so poor Samantha could actually eat instead of having her bottle ripped away by a 14 month old. I'm thinking we are going to have to transition Owen from the bottle to the sippy cup before Jack gets here or there are going to be problems!

Playing with Samantha...okay the bouncy chair!

Going in for a kiss!

Having fun together!

Samantha fell asleep on the floor playing with the toys that are on her left.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wagon Ride

Yesterday in-between rain showers mommy took me on a wagon ride!

I love my wagon!!!

Look at those big beautiful wheels!

I just had to play with the wheels!

Time to go home now I'm tired!

Out for a stroll

Look at me go!!!

Ooooo...what's that I see????


I get VERY excited when I find wheels!!!

Yeah I know I'm pretty darn cute!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a difference!

This picture was taken last Easter at my mom and dad's house.
This picture was taken on Tuesday! He's gotten so big!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cold Stone

Lately I have been seeing this commercial for Cold Stone Creamery and it's just down right evil of them. I don't know how you could resist getting in your car and going to the nearest one after seeing this commercial. Anyway last night after dinner we did just that...we hopped in the car at 7:00pm and headed out. It took me forever to figure out what to get though because there are so many wonderful choices. In the end I got chocolate ice cream with carmel sauce and pecans mixed in. YUMMY! Michael thinks chocolate his disgusting so he got something with cookie dough in it. Owen got to share mommy's ice cream and stay up past his bedtime so it was was treats all around!

Big Bruise

Yesterday morning about 10 minutes after Owen woke up he was walking in our master bathroom and he just missed reaching the toilet and he fell and hit his head on the front of the bowl. At first I thought he missed it altogether because he wasn't screaming, but it was because he had to suck in all the air from the room first. He cried pretty hard for about 2 minutes and there was a bruise instantly on this forehead. I didn't feel we needed to go to the doctor's though because he got a pretty good size goose egg on his head and they say that is actually a good sign. It means the swelling has come out and not gone inside. Like I said he only cried for 2 minutes and was fine, but it sure looks awful!

Fun at Ga-Ga's

For the last two days Owen and I have been at my mom & dad's during the day while they had new carpet installed. On Monday it was cold, but it wasn't raining so I took Owen out in the backyard. Our yard isn't that kid friendly so he's only been on our deck which he loves, but he had so much fun in Ga-Ga's backyard. In fact he took an early afternoon nap that day because he got so tired from playing.
What a cutie!
Playing with the wheels...of course!
Exploring the patio! Rocks don't taste so good!
First time on the trampoline!


I love this picture because I use to hold my Dad's finger just like that when I was little!

You want to read it again?

Owen is in love with his Snuggle Puppy book. Honestly there are days we read it 7 or 8 times. I like to keep a basket of 4 or 5 books on the coffee table and I like to rotate them every week so we can read a variety. The week I took Snuggle Puppy away he just kept handing me books and I would start reading them and once he figured out I wasn't reading Snuggle Puppy he would get up and get a different book to see if that was Snuggle Puppy. He would go through all his books doing this and he was so totally confused that he could never find Snuggle Puppy. Michael and I have both read this book SO many times we know it by heart so we just "read" it to him without the book and he was SO happy. The next day I brought Snuggle Puppy down and all has been right with the world since! :)

Here he comes!

Little Monkey

I found this outfit at Old Navy about a month ago and just had to buy it. Monkey is probably our favorite nickname for Owen right now. It fits him so well...he's all over the place, he throws his food and he squeals when he doesn't get his way. I also got an outfit similar to this one for Jack. It's has short sleeves and instead of saying Little Monkey is just has stick figure monkeys all over it. It's really cute.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Kiss the baby

Yesterday morning Owen was checking out my tummy by pulling my pj top up. He loves to find my belly button and poke at it. I was telling him about Jack and that there's a baby in my tummy. I told him to kiss the baby and he did! He kissed my tummy three times. Three open mouth slobbery kisses. It was so cute. He understood what to do because we tell him to kiss the baby when he sees himself in the mirror. I've asked him two more times to kiss the baby, but no such luck.

8 Teeth

This morning when I was playing with Owen on the floor I noticed something in his was tooth #8. He's had 7 teeth for quite sometime and I was wondering when he was going to even things out again. Last night he woke up around 2 and started crying. He doesn't normally cry in the middle of the night anymore. I waited to see if he would cry himself to sleep, but it just wasn't happening. When I did go into check on him he basically crawled out of his crib into my arms. I was sure he had a bad dream. I did give him some Tylenol just in case he was coming down with the same cold that Michael and I have had. After a little more crying he did go back to sleep. I don't think it was a bad dream anymore I'm sure the tooth was the culprit for the crying episode. I don't blame him for crying either the tooth is already sticking quite a ways out of his mouth so it must have just shot out. I can imagine that was pretty painful.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

97 days to go!

I just noticed that the ticker on the side of the blog says I only have 97 days left before Jack comes. Oh my goodness! Time flies in some ways and drags in others. I really hope Jack comes early, I would love to have a May baby. Yesterday I had a Doctor's appointment and I had to drink that awful glucose drink so they could test my blood and see if I have gestational diabetes. It's not that bad, but if I didn't have to do it I would be happy. I haven't gotten the results back, but no news is good news. I also got a flu shot yesterday so my arm is a little sore today. I gained another 7 pounds so I now weight more than my mother and my father. Geesh!

One smart cookie!

Owen is getting smarter by the day. He is understanding more and more words and it so awesome to see. He is also working on using words himself even more. Right now he has about 4 words down pretty good. He knows Dada, Mama, Gaga and Kitty. Sometimes kitty comes out gitty, but it works. He understands when you say clap and he'll clap his hands and the newest thing is when I ask where my nose is he'll point to my nose. I've been trying to get him to point to his nose, but he's really not very self aware yet. He has discovered his package though and he thinks it's quite funny to poke at it during a diaper change and it always makes him laugh. :)

He's a pro!

It amazes me at how fast Owen learned to walk. I think from the time Michael and I started working with him until he was walking pretty well was only a month. He walks everywhere now. In fact sometimes he tries to run. He's really good at making turns and he's even working on standing up without having to pull himself up on anything. Michael and I noticed that if he's falling, but catches himself just in time he actually tries to avoid grabbing onto anything. He really just wants to do it on his own now.


This is Owen's ducky it was a gift from Grandma & Grandpa Grant. He loves it of course. The only down side is I have feathers all over my family room now! :)