Friday, March 7, 2008

8 Teeth

This morning when I was playing with Owen on the floor I noticed something in his was tooth #8. He's had 7 teeth for quite sometime and I was wondering when he was going to even things out again. Last night he woke up around 2 and started crying. He doesn't normally cry in the middle of the night anymore. I waited to see if he would cry himself to sleep, but it just wasn't happening. When I did go into check on him he basically crawled out of his crib into my arms. I was sure he had a bad dream. I did give him some Tylenol just in case he was coming down with the same cold that Michael and I have had. After a little more crying he did go back to sleep. I don't think it was a bad dream anymore I'm sure the tooth was the culprit for the crying episode. I don't blame him for crying either the tooth is already sticking quite a ways out of his mouth so it must have just shot out. I can imagine that was pretty painful.