Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You want to read it again?

Owen is in love with his Snuggle Puppy book. Honestly there are days we read it 7 or 8 times. I like to keep a basket of 4 or 5 books on the coffee table and I like to rotate them every week so we can read a variety. The week I took Snuggle Puppy away he just kept handing me books and I would start reading them and once he figured out I wasn't reading Snuggle Puppy he would get up and get a different book to see if that was Snuggle Puppy. He would go through all his books doing this and he was so totally confused that he could never find Snuggle Puppy. Michael and I have both read this book SO many times we know it by heart so we just "read" it to him without the book and he was SO happy. The next day I brought Snuggle Puppy down and all has been right with the world since! :)

Here he comes!