Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Boys Time

Yesterday my cousin Tara who has two boys older than Owen and Jack gave me a bunch of her kids old clothes they've outgrown. When I say a bunch I mean a ton...two completely full lawn and leaf bags. There was an entire laundry load of just pants. I got all of them washed today and I really wanted to organize and put away all the clothes that Owen & Jack can't fit into anymore. I love organization! So tonight after dinner Michael hung out with the boys downstairs so I could get it all done. Daddy sure had fun taking pictures while Mommy was busy. :)

Well wishes

Yesterday we had a nice get together at my Aunt & Uncle's house in Graham to say goodbye to my Grandma. For a long time the plan has been that once my Grandpa died she would move to Denver to live with her daughter... my Aunt Donna. It was really nice to spend time with family on such a beautiful day. I will miss my Grandma and I know that she'll miss seeing us as often as she has gotten too, but now we have even more of an excuse to take a road trip to Denver.

Just for fun here is a view of Mount Rainer from my Aunt & Uncle's house. What a view!!!

Pumpkin Carving

Last Sunday we got a Pumpkin at Scholz Farms during Avery's Birthday party. We waiting until Saturday night to carve it so it wouldn't spoil before Halloween. I love carving pumpkins, but I haven't carved one since the first year Michael and I were married.

Owen loved smelling the pumpkin and trying to put the lid on!

I love getting my hands in the guts, but as you can see Owen didn't NOT want to have anything to do with it. He hates getting his hands yucky.

Jack just hung out the whole time in his exersaucer.

I bought one of those LED lights to put in the pumpkin so Owen wouldn't burn himself. It flickers like a real candle and lights up the pumpkin pretty nicely!

Grabby Hands & Haircut

Jack has really started reaching out for things now. He loves to grab his toys, my face, his blankets and my hair. Thank goodness I cut it all off. Oh yeah I never did address the fact that my hair got REALLY short. It wasn't suppose to get that short. I went to a new stylist since my old one isn't working at the shop anymore and she didn't do a very good job. In fact when she was done cutting it I felt like I had a mullet so I had to go back and have her fix it. She had cut the top so short though the only way to make it look good was to cut the back short too. Anyways I kind of like it now...especially since I don't have to blow dry it anymore.

Out for a stroll

The weather has been so nice lately I've really wanted to take advantage of it before the rain comes. Last week after the boys had their naps we got all ready and headed outside for a walk. Since Jack has really good head control now I was able to carry him facing out in the Moby Wrap for the first time.

This was also the first time I actually used Owen's puppy on his back leach thingy. I hate calling it a leach, but that's basically what it is. I remember thinking parents were evil to use these, but it's really for their own safety. Anyway Owen doesn't like to wear the puppy on his back so I put it on his front so he looked like he wearing his puppy like I'm wearing Jack. Too cute!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Owen Speak Part Three

Owen is a genius I tell you...of course every mother thinks this about their child and rightfully so! In the last couple of days he's learned even more. He's a sponge I tell ya!

He can now say...

"Mal man" - Mailman

He can now make the correct noises for the following animals when asked...Lion, Kitty, Puppy, Horsey and Cow.

The newest body part he points to when asked are his nipples. :)

Owen also loves the phrase "all dun". He says it all the time. He waits for us to finish eating or drinking so he can say it. This morning I was nursing Jack and I was switching sides...when Owen saw that I was fixing my bra he raised his hands in the air and said "all dun". I love that he understands that that is how Jack gets his food.

31 things

I'm copying this from Brittany's blog.

1. Where is your cell phone? On my nightstand in my bedroom
2. Where is your significant other? At work! :(
3. Your hair color? Medium brown
4. Your mother? Gail
5. Your father? Duke
6. Your favorite thing? My life
7. Your dream last night? I was helping my Grandma pack for her move.
8. Your dream/goal? To continue being a stay at home mom and homeschool my kids
9. The room you're in? Office/Spare bedroom
10. Your hobby? card making/scrapbooking/reading/cross stitching/blogging
11. Your fear? Spiders
12. Where do you want to be in six years? Closer to God
13. Where were you last night? At home with my sleeping kiddos
14. What you’re not? Shy or quiet
15. One of your wish list items? Leather Furniture
16. Where you grew up? Wyoming & Washington
17. The last thing you did? Put the boys to bed
18. What are you wearing? Pink and green PJ's
19. Your TV? Is on right now...I'm watching the Biggest Loser
20. Your pet? None...YAY!!!
21. Your computer? Dell
22. Your mood? Content
23. Missing someone? My hubby
24. Your car? Chrysler Town & Country
25. Something you’re not wearing? Socks
26. Favorite store? Costco
27. Your summer? Super busy with family and kids
28. Love someone? Everyone close to me
29. Your favorite color? Right now...Forrest Green and Chocolate Brown
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today with my boys
31. Last time you cried? A couple days after my grandpa died

Monday, October 20, 2008

Scholz Farm

Yesterday Michael's family (plus my parents) all got together to celebrate Avery's (Owen's cousin) 9th Birthday. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day. The weather was great and we had so much fun at the farm.
Owen is always happy to see Ga-Ga & Pa!
Jackers was all smiles even though he was supposed to be napping!
The first thing the kids did was play on this giant hill of sawdust with all of these kid toys. Who knew chipped wood could be so much fun!
Owen was really timid at first, but once he warmed up to the idea of playing we had to practically carry him away kicking and screaming.
Michael's Dad is just a big kid! He had so much fun pulling Cooper, Camryn and Avery down the sawdust hill in the lid to a sandbox.
Here is the sandbox. Paige is getting so big she's almost 4 now and isn't she as pretty as a princess?
After playing on the sawdust hill we had lunch and then went into the corn maze. They had it set up like we were walking through the different scenes from Peter Pan. It was really cute for the kids.

Jack finally got to take his nap in the Moby wrap while we walked around in the corn maze.

Samantha was getting a great view while we trekked through the maze.

I love this picture of the cousins (minus - Stevie, Samantha & Jack) because it's so true to life. Camryn cannot keep her hands off Owen. She just LOVES him!

After the corn maze Avery opened his presents and we had dessert. Then it was time to go find the perfect pumpkin.

Off we go in the big red wagon!

Wheelbarrows are good forms of transportation too!

Owen was sure HE could find the perfect pumpkin!

Maybe it's over here!!!

Owen was not happy when it was time to go. Michael ended up finding the pumpkin because Owen would have just walked around for hours and hours. He was SO overdue for his nap that he was just trying to keep himself awake. He did really well considering and it was so much fun spending time with family, celebrating Avery and enjoying the fall festivities.

Mama & Jack

I love this little guy so much! I know that in the beginning I had a hard time making a connection with him, but now he just melts my heart. He is SUCH a mama's boy right now. Mama can make everything better and I have to admit...I LOVE this phase! Owen is really turning into a Daddy's boy so it's nice that Jack is mine.


Jack in action!

Enjoy listening to The Little House on the Praire music at the end! You gotta love Hallmark channel!

Tummy Time

Jack has always loved being on his tummy, but since he's been sleeping on his tummy I kept forgetting to give him awake tummy time. So last week I put him on his tummy and just started taking pictures of him. I love the different expressions he has.

Speaking of sleeping...for about 4 days now Jack has been sleeping on his back. I finally had it last week with him sleeping on his tummy. The problem was he would wake up in the middle of the night and then rollover onto his back and get really mad. I would have to go in and turn him over a couple times every night. It was getting really annoying! So I decided he was going to learn to sleep on his back. First I put him on his back during one of his naps and decided he could cry for awhile and he would eventually go to sleep. WRONG!!! He cried for almost an hour! Talk about stubborn. So at his next nap I decided to try the Swaddle Me blanket that Owen used when he was little and it worked like a charm!! YAY! Also since he's been sleeping in the Swaddle Me he's been sleeping 10 sometimes 10 1/2 hours at a time, waking up eating and then going back to sleep for another 2 - 2 1/2 hours!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Owen Speak...Part Two

Owen is grasping more and more words each day. Here are a few of the new things he can say and do.

Ha Og - "Hot Dog"

He pointed to my pretties this morning and said "Preeee".

He points to his animals eyes and say, "EYE".

He points to his animals noes and says, "ME". That's because when we touch his nose we say, "meet meet" like the noise the road runner makes.

We can ask him where the following are and he'll point to the correct part...eyes, ears, nose, teeth, head, knee, elbow, toes and my personal favorite...buns!!! :)

If we ask Owen what a kitty says he meows. If we ask him what a dog says he meows. Oh well he'll get it someday. :)

He can now sign milk and he does the real sign for more.

Honoring my Grandpa

Today my Grandpa was laid to rest at the National Cemetery in Tahoma. The ceremony was beautiful. I had never been to a memorial service for a veteran before so it was very awe inspiring for me. I think it's wonderful how the men and women that have fought to keep our country safe are honored.

The bugle played, kind words were spoke, the guns were shot, the flag was folded, the widow saluted, my Grandpa honored!

I'm Free!
Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free;
I'm following the path, God laid for me;
I took his hand, when I heard his call;
I turned my back, and left it all.
Perhaps my time, seems all too brief;
Don't lengthen it now, with undo grief;
Lift up your heart, and share with me;
God wanted me now, he set me free.

The Day!

My Dad just emailed me these pictures tonight. They were taken the same night that my Grandpa had his stroke...September 30th. It seems like forever ago already. That day it was really warm (as you can see Owen and Jack are in shorts). It's weird to think that at almost the same time we were having fun at Ga-Ga & Pa's, a few miles away Peepaw was having a stroke and all of our lives were about to change drastically. It's like thinking about the day before September 11th before everything got tainted.

Owen just loves playing in his sandbox with Pa!

This is the first time I took Jack out to the sandbox. Notice what Owen is doing...he SO does not like sharing HIS stuff with Jack!!!

Love those sandy feet!!!

Owen is playing with the radio knobs (wheels) that Pa added to the truck. What a look he has on his face!!!

Exersauer take two

I can't believe Jack is big enough to go in the exersauer already!! He doesn't play with the toys yet, but he doesn't fall over so that's good. Over the last couple of weeks his head control has really improved. I can now put him in the Bumbo and I don't have to put a pillow behind his head anymore. He's getting big so fast!!!

Late Night Snack

Betty Crocker Molten Caramel

One messy face...equals

Chocolate kisses!!!