Friday, July 31, 2009

Pop Tart Dance

On Tuesday before Lori dropped off her girls, Owen and I were outside getting ready and we shared a Pop Tart together while Jack napped. Owen just started doing this funny dance so I called it the Pop Tart dance, but later I figured out he was actually wanting me to sing the song, Deep & Wide.

Pool Party

On Tuesday I watched my friend Lori's girls...Abby & Izze. The girls came totally prepared for fun in the sun. They almost immediately got in the pool once their mom left. At first Owen wasn't sure what to think about these crazy girls splashing and jumping in the pool, but by the second go round in the pool he was joining in on the fun.
Abby was doing cannonballs and swan dives into that little pool. Both the girls ended up hurting themselves in one way or another while jumping around. Nothing serious, but I'm sure they had a few new bruises when they went home.

Jack is not a big fan of the crazy splashing in the he decided to run off with Abby's headband instead.

It was great fun being outside enjoying the nice (not hot yet) weather. Thanks for letting me watch the girls Lori. I'm so happy they taught Owen how to go nuts in the pool!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The View From Here

I haven't done a View From Here post in a while so since I spent a day at my mom and dad's escaping the heat with the boys I decided I would share the view of their backyard.
This little garden area is in the far corner of the yard. Mom and Dad love lighthouses so Dad bought this one that is solar powered and it lights up every night. Also Dad has these different sun decorations all over the yard.

Last Sunday when we were hanging out at their house Owen got stung on his finger by a wasp. They were and still are stalking the playground so Pa went out and bought traps in hopes of catching them. The nest isn't anywhere on their property so we'll just try to catch as many of them as we can.

This is a house that was for sale last summer. I was super interested in it, but once I went in it I was completely turned off. The layout of the house was all wrong even though it's super cute from the outside. I'm happy we didn't end up moving. I love our house!

Here's the playground that came with the house. See the other trap?

While I was taking pictures Jack decided he should climb up inside the coffee table.

He has now figured out how to get down off things instead of falling he comes down the safer way...backwards. :)

Show Us Your Life

This week Kelly wants us to show off or talk about more of our wedding such as...the wedding party, flowers and ceremony.
I'm being really lazy just like Kelly. I only have 2 photos of my wedding scanned and I just don't want to hook up the scanner right now. Too hot! So this is the only other picture I have. Maybe next week when we are supposed to talk about the reception I'll get more motivated.
In this picture Michael and I are actually signing our marriage license with our witnesses. Nicci, my maid of honor is on my left and Michael's oldest brother Rick, his best man is on his right. My bridesmaid dresses were this nice lilac color. We were married on May 8th so it was a great spring color. They were sleeveless and they had a chiffon wrap around the waist and it went down the skirt too. I liked them so much I wanted one!
We had a totally of 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen and I think 3 or 4 ushers. My cousin Nicky who ended up being a fill in bridesmaid for her daughter since she was in the hospital sang the two songs we requested during out wedding...Grow Old Along With Me and another pretty popular wedding song by Shania Twain. I can't believe I don't remember the name of it.
We got our flowers from QFC and if you'd like to see them (dried) you can check out our wedding room A.K.A. master bedroom in my Show Us Where You Live post here.
During our ceremony each of our Dad's read a letter that they'd written to us welcoming us to the family. It was really nice. The funny thing is that my Dad used the word tenacity a lot in his letter to Michael and I remember looking at each other and whispering, "What is tenacity?" LOL!!! We definitely know what that word means now!
The only mishaps that happened during our wedding was I didn't pick my dress up enough when I was walking up the stairs to the stage so I stepped on my dress. I handled it great so I don't think many people knew. Also Michael was really nervous about the repeat after me parts so when we were exchanging the rings and the pastor said to say, "I thee wed", Michael said, "I be thee wed". It was funny and everyone laughed about it.
All in all it was a perfect day!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Zucchini & Corn

It's so exciting to watch something that was just a teeny tiny seed two months ago grow into this...
I've actually already harvested, cooked and eaten this and another zucchini and I have three more growing!

We have 4 ears of corn that have broken out of the stocks. I can't wait for BBQ corn on the cob. Yummy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life

Since we've shown off our houses it's now time to move onto something new. Kelly is starting out having us show off our wedding dress. Here's the only scanned photo I have of Michael and I where you can see my entire dress.
I bought it from this small bridal shop in's closed now. I think it was the second time I had been in to try on dresses and I was having the hardest time finding anything I like. I remembered reading this article in a bride magazine where this girls dad actually picked out her dress. Well that happened to me...I had tried on so many dresses that day and I was getting tired. My dad showed me this dress and I kid you not it look so awful on the hanger. I was not going to try it on. But after a little coaxing I decided I would and then take it off really fast. I remember the moment I turned around and looked in the mirror...that was THE dress. It was a brand new spring style for 1999. In fact they had just put it out on the rack that day so needless to say we didn't get it for a steal.

Perfect Evening...Almost

Summertime, outside in your underwear...what can be better than that?
Running around in a diaper...maybe!

Getting chased...

And chased...

And chased by Daddy...most certainly!

Getting to use Mama as base...Absolutely!

Getting to see Mama accidentally soaked by the sprinkler...Oh yeah!

Playing in the water...Awesome!

Spending time outside enjoying our boys...we couldn't ask for more!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Going Home / BBQ

I actually didn't take any pictures at the ocean the day we left. We just got up had breakfast packed up and headed out. We made it all the way to Tacoma and we had to eat lunch. Here's Owen climbing up the play toys after we ate.
We were only home for a couple hours and then we headed out to a family friends house for a BBQ.

Ga-Ga and Pa were there and were so happy to see their boys.

Jack had lots of fun making cute faces at people and having fun with Odin's toys.

Owen of course is in Odin's car...where else would he be! We stayed until way past their bedtime and Jack actually fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when Micheal got him out. That has NEVER happened. Thankfully we had changed the boys into their pj's so they were ready. Of course the next day they slept in since they got to bed later....yeah right!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The other day Jack fell outside by the playhouse and hit his face on the concrete. I don't exactly know where, but he had this scrap under his right eye and the next day he had a shiner. It doesn't show up very well on the picture, but it's definitely there.

And tonight the same thing happened with Owen. I just let him go outside to play and I was trying to pick up the toys inside and then I heard this thud and crying coming from outside. He ended up scraping up his elbow and his ear pretty badly.

His ear is also bruised. It looks so painful. He cried for the longest time we ended up rubbing Neosporin on it and giving him some Tylenol because he was so upset. Throughout the night he kept asking mama to "kiss it" and then he would say "all better".

Oh yeah and to top off the night right before bedtime Jack was rolling around on the bed playing with the flashlight and he ended up hit his eye with it and cutting it. Boys...I think I should buy stock in Band-Aid now.

Ocean Shores Day 3

Have you ever read the book The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Vacation? Yeah that's basically what the boys experienced on Day 3. They were both ready to get back to normal, but we still headed out and tried to make it a good day.
We went over to this Family Fun Center and went mini golfing. It didn't go as well as I had hoped....Jack cried most of the time, but Michael and I had a good time and it totally helped that I bet him by 3 strokes.

I'm a little fuzzy on the order of things on the third day, but at some point we drove down to the beach and Michael and Owen got out. It was super foggy. I mean so foggy that I drove really slow and we were pretty close to the water by the time we could actually see it. When we left I had to turn around and follow my own tire tracks out in order to find the road.

For some reason this time around Owen was terrified of the ocean. He wouldn't let Michael put him down.

He's such a good Daddy!

After dinner Jack was super crabby and he really needed to take a little nap so we just hopped in the van and decided to drive around. He eventually fell asleep and we drove over to the marina in a part of Ocean Shores we've never been. We happened to find this Community Club that had a playground so while Jack slept...

Owen got to play on the toys. He was pretty excited as you can see!

This play equipment was weird! There were actually signs all over saying it was designed for kids 5 - 12 years old. It was hard for Michael and I to get around without spraining our ankles.

Owen was able to climb up the slide, but Daddy had to help him down since there was no sides!

They did have normal swings though. One of Owen's favorite new words is crazy. I was swinging really high and he kept saying, "Mama crazy"!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ocean Shores Day 2

Good Morning...thankfully we brought a bunch of blankets and hung them up in the living room where the boys were sleeping so they slept in until their normal time. Owen slept out on one of the hide-a-beds and Jack slept in his pack-n-play. All in all it worked out great!
My parent just got back from a long road trip to Wyoming and a bunch of other places and they bought these matching moose pj's for the boys. So cute!

We decided to walk into town with the boys since The Grey Gull is so close. We had to stop at this cute new shop called Sharkies. We got both the boys school buses. They are their new favorite toys. Last year when we came here we traveled to Westport and my Dad bought Owen a PT Cruiser and he just loves it so I think it will be a tradition for us to buy the boys a new car every time we go on vacation.

Last year we wanted to rent one of these, but the weather did not cooperate with us. It was so much fun and tiring. We ended up bring two of the straps from the portable highchair and used them as seat belts for the boys. It wasn't the best ride though. I put sunscreen on the boys right before we got on and Owen got some in his eyes and even though it's tear free it just made his eyes hurt. We were supposed to rent it for an hour, but we only did a half an hour instead.

On the way back to the condo Jack felt asleep in the umbrella stroller. He's never done that before. I guess riding a surrey is hard work.

After nap time we headed down to the ocean again. This time we stayed for a long time. We drove down and parked near the water. Michael started to build a castle and I put together our kite.

Owen had so much fun chasing the seagulls. He kept calling them ducks though.

This picture of Jack reminds me so much of Owen in
this post. I love this Tigger hoodie and I'm so happy Jack is fitting into it now.

The boys all had a great time digging in the sand. We even had tourists from Tacoma who took a picture in front of Michael's sandcastle.

Okay the boys are ready to go! See Owen's bus and his new McQueen car...another present from Ga-Ga & Pa's trip.

Michael's completed castle!

When we got to the beach I parked a good 100 feet from the ocean and I didn't pay attention to its movement so when I got in the car and looked out the front window I was a little shocked. It was only like 20 feet away. It was kind of freaky how fast it moved it. We really weren't there all that long.