Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas @ Ga-Ga & Pa's!

For the last two years we've gone to my parents house on Christmas afternoon and then spent the night so we can have a second Christmas morning with them. We had Christmas dinner with family and friends on Christmas night.

Pretty girl in a pretty dress!

Sweet cheeser!

Fake cheeser!

Even though Ella had a nice nap at home she was a bit exhausted from the activities the night before. She spent a bunch of time snuggling with Uncle Ry and Ga-Ga.

Christmas Tree Picture!

The next morning we got up and it was time for presents.

The kids got tons of gifts from Ga-Ga & Pa and Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie. This one was their Grow To Pro pitching machine. Super cool!

They got Ella her pots and pans for her kitchen. They are identical to my real pots and pans...she LOVES them!

Ga-Ga just had to give Ella her very first Cabbage Patch Kid since she got me mine when I was little girl. I still have Mildred Patricia. Ella's CPK's name is Harley Kaylie.

This is Jack's Toy Story present that he was sure had a Big Buzz in it and he was right!!

He was so happy to have a big Buzz. He's been saying for months that he wants a big Buzz!

Owen got the pirate ship he wanted to badly!

Pa surprised him with a radio control car.

Here the boys are waiting with their eyes closed for their last present from Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie...Hometown Hero's fire station/police station. It's huge! It's 4 stories tall and has an elevator.

Ella also got her very own luggage so now when she goes to Ga-Ga & Pa's she won't have to use Jack's Buzz Lightyear backpack anymore.

The Great G-Kids with GG! She got to come up from Denver and spend Christmas with us this year.

Later on in the day Ga-Ga found out that Ella likes Eggnog spritzers. There is nothing that girl doesn't like!

Owen playing with his car.

Jack with his Buzz! Don't let his face fool you...he LOVES his Buzz he was just completely and utterly exhausted at this point.

The whole family!

This is what happens when Ella is the only one that takes a nap! I have a feeling that he kids are going to be exhausted for a few days.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning!

Christmas Time Is HERE!

The kids went to bed at 10:30 on Christmas Eve so they slept in until 8. I got up at 7:30 and was able to go downstairs and get music turned on and candles lite.

Coming down the stairs!

Here's a video of the kids finding their Christmas presents from Santa.

Ella and her baby in her highchair.

Jack and his Evil Dr Porkchop!

Owen got the rocket that he asked for.

Jack and his Toy Story Garbage truck...see a theme here?

Ella got some appliances for her kitchen.

Owen was so excited about his rocket he wanted to go outside and shoot it off right away. It really is the coolest toy and it wasn't expensive at all. When I started looking online for them I found a couple that required fuel and looked really complicated. I wanted something Owen could do on his own over and over. This is just Styrofoam rockets that you place on a base and stomp on a peddle. The air shoots the rocket up. Hours of fun!

I think Daddy is going to have as much if not more fun with the race track than the boys.

The kiddos got movies in their stockings and I think I'm more excited about this than they are...finally something NEW to watch!

Ella got panties in her stocking...come March we are going to try potty training her.

She also got a cute pink flip phone....she has been "talking" on it nonstop. It's the cutest thing...she actually went up into her bedroom, laid on her tummy on her bed and I heard her saying, "Um yeah...ha ha ha ha!" She's already a teenager!

Enjoying her cash register.

Owen playing with his other request....garbage truck with robotic arms and Jack playing with his Toy Story Tri-County Landfill. Again...hours of fun!

Ella decided it was HER turn for a spin around the track.

The boys were so happy that we got to put the last star on the tree.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve was at our house this year. Becky was hoping they would be in their new house in time for Christmas, but it just didn't work out. I love a house full of people...especially family so it didn't bother me any!

Becky just recently had lap band surgery so she's on a liquid diet right now. She still wanted to help cook though.

Kids table...crazy how big they are all getting!

Adult table...I'm actually surprised that their is only one person on an electronic device in this pictures.

After dinner Ella thought she should help clean up a bit.

So excited to open presents!

Shana and James...James was so excited to play with all of our toys he almost wouldn't sit still to open his present. He was pretty bummed when it was time to go home.

This year we did something different, we took turns opening presents so everyone got to see what everyone else got. It was nice and not such pandemonium! Jack got a Leapfrog Count & Draw which Ella quickly latched onto and spent almost the whole night walking around with it clutched in her arms saying, "MINE!"

Ella got a bunch of food for her kitchen and a cute white puppy...she loved it!

We got our nephew Stevie a gift card to Best's hard to believe he's only a couple year away from being an adult!

Owen got a Leapfrog Scribble and Write.

We didn't get to see Paige on her actual birthday so I gave her the purse I made for her. I also had time to make her a couple flower hair clips and she loved them.

Christmas Tree Pictures 2011

Me, Ella, Jack, Michael and Owen in front.

Rick, Michelle, Avery, Cooper & Paige

During the end of the night while we were trying to get all the family members together for pictures Owen decided to retreat under the coffee table and eat some candy.

Mom and Dad AKA Grandma & Papa Martin

Ella Bean was up WAY past her bedtime and was almost asleep in this chair until she heard me say I was going to take a picture of her so she woke up a bit and decided to cheese for me.

James, Steve, Stevie & Shana

Becky, Samantha, Jon & Camryn in front