Sunday, December 18, 2011

This One Turned Out Good!

So after the craft fail I knew I had to redeem myself so on a whim I decided it would be fun to draw a tree on some butcher paper and let the kids decorate it. I was trying to think of another way for them to decorate it without it involving markers or crayons. For some reason whenever those come into the picture whatever we are coloring just ends up a scribbled all over mess.

Then it hit me that I could use all my Stampin' Up punches to make "ornaments". When I started punching out the ovals it occurred to me that they looked like Christmas lights so I drew in the strands for them to "hang" off.

Then the kids got to get glue happy for a while.

Ella spent more time gluing herself than the actual paper ornaments.

When we were finished gluing I drew the truck and the tree stand and we hung it on the back of the front door. I think it turned out pretty cute and very colorful! It wasn't very messy either and that in my book is a perfect craft with kids!