Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bathtub Fun!

In the past couple weeks the kids have lost their privilege of taking baths in the big tub in the master bathroom. They had been splashing SO much they made water marks on the ceiling of our dining room that's directly below the bathroom. So now they take baths in the hall bathroom that has a shower door so they can splash all they want and not get into trouble.

In the past Ella would take a bath with me since she still wasn't very stable on her feet, but ever since the surgery she's improved so much. She loves taking baths with her Bubbas!

She didn't even mind when Jack splashed her face with bubbles and water.

While Jack and Ella kept each other busy Owen had fun having the other half of the tub all to himself.

Ella learned to open and close the shower door. She liked doing it so much that the next time I took a shower she came in and opened the door all the way on me....Brrrrr!!!

Here she is modeling her surgery scar on her tummy. In regards to her recovery she's doing SO well. She's amazing really! She is out of the danger zone for when an infection would set in so that's wonderful news. I am taking her back to St Francis on the 15th to have a follow up CT Scan so they can measure her new fluid levels that way if we ever had any concerns we'll have a new baseline to compare it to.