Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning!

Christmas Time Is HERE!

The kids went to bed at 10:30 on Christmas Eve so they slept in until 8. I got up at 7:30 and was able to go downstairs and get music turned on and candles lite.

Coming down the stairs!

Here's a video of the kids finding their Christmas presents from Santa.

Ella and her baby in her highchair.

Jack and his Evil Dr Porkchop!

Owen got the rocket that he asked for.

Jack and his Toy Story Garbage truck...see a theme here?

Ella got some appliances for her kitchen.

Owen was so excited about his rocket he wanted to go outside and shoot it off right away. It really is the coolest toy and it wasn't expensive at all. When I started looking online for them I found a couple that required fuel and looked really complicated. I wanted something Owen could do on his own over and over. This is just Styrofoam rockets that you place on a base and stomp on a peddle. The air shoots the rocket up. Hours of fun!

I think Daddy is going to have as much if not more fun with the race track than the boys.

The kiddos got movies in their stockings and I think I'm more excited about this than they are...finally something NEW to watch!

Ella got panties in her stocking...come March we are going to try potty training her.

She also got a cute pink flip phone....she has been "talking" on it nonstop. It's the cutest thing...she actually went up into her bedroom, laid on her tummy on her bed and I heard her saying, "Um yeah...ha ha ha ha!" She's already a teenager!

Enjoying her cash register.

Owen playing with his other request....garbage truck with robotic arms and Jack playing with his Toy Story Tri-County Landfill. Again...hours of fun!

Ella decided it was HER turn for a spin around the track.

The boys were so happy that we got to put the last star on the tree.