Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis The Season!

Isn't it just tradition that something goes wrong when decorating for Christmas? For us this year two things have gone wrong. First our pre-lite tree decided to only pre-light 5 lights. I was so irritated that there were going to be all these strands of unlit lights that I decided I was going to get those suckers off of there. About two and half hours later and some really sore fingers and the tree was finally rid of those dumb lights.

The other thing we've had trouble with is the outdoor lights. Owen has been asking for a long time if we were going to have outside lights and Daddy was happy to oblige. Of course now that it's been a serious hassle that's included 2 trips to Wal-Mart, numerous fuse changes and STILL the lights on the house aren't coming on I think he might have changed his tune. Thankfully the lights on the bushes in front with our little choo choo train are working and Owen is in love!

Thankfully everything else decorating wise has gone well. Jack was super excited to put the BIG star on the tree.

The kids actually helped decorate the tree this year and they did really good. I did have to steer them so they didn't decorate the same branch over and over again, but once they got that down they did great.

This year the boys have been very curious about Santa. They know he's going to come on Christmas Eve and they know they have to be asleep. They also know that he's going to leave presents under the tree and in 'The Big Socks"! I've also talked to Owen about leaving milk and cookies for Santa and something for the reindeer. It's fun getting into the Spirit of Christmas with the kids. I grew up believing in Santa and I loved "playing along" even after I learned he was make believe. I love the wonder in their eyes during this time of year. With that being said we are making sure that the kids know the REAL meaning of Christmas.