Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Crafts!

This first year of home schooling we are being more relaxed and only meeting for 26 weeks (there are 26 letters in the alphabet so we work on one letter a week). Anyways due to this we are taking the whole month of December off. In order to help the kids still have some structured "learning" time I'm going to make an effort to do crafts with them at least 3 times a week. Wednesday was our first Christmas craft...which I got the idea from MckMama's blog.

I have been saving toilet paper rolls for months in hopes of using them for a craft at MOPS...not sure if it's going to happen though so I figured I would use a few for the kids. I drew the tree for the kids and then they decorated them with glitter glue. I still have to help Jack with his cutting, but he is getting more controlled. Owen does good for about half of it and then he gets bored or tired or both and starts complaining. I think I need to get better scissors for them both. I of course have to cut Ella's out for her. They turned out super cute and Jack and Ella both gave theirs to Ga-Ga & Pa while Owen said his was for Daddy.