Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve was at our house this year. Becky was hoping they would be in their new house in time for Christmas, but it just didn't work out. I love a house full of people...especially family so it didn't bother me any!

Becky just recently had lap band surgery so she's on a liquid diet right now. She still wanted to help cook though.

Kids table...crazy how big they are all getting!

Adult table...I'm actually surprised that their is only one person on an electronic device in this pictures.

After dinner Ella thought she should help clean up a bit.

So excited to open presents!

Shana and James...James was so excited to play with all of our toys he almost wouldn't sit still to open his present. He was pretty bummed when it was time to go home.

This year we did something different, we took turns opening presents so everyone got to see what everyone else got. It was nice and not such pandemonium! Jack got a Leapfrog Count & Draw which Ella quickly latched onto and spent almost the whole night walking around with it clutched in her arms saying, "MINE!"

Ella got a bunch of food for her kitchen and a cute white puppy...she loved it!

We got our nephew Stevie a gift card to Best Buy...it's hard to believe he's only a couple year away from being an adult!

Owen got a Leapfrog Scribble and Write.

We didn't get to see Paige on her actual birthday so I gave her the purse I made for her. I also had time to make her a couple flower hair clips and she loved them.

Christmas Tree Pictures 2011

Me, Ella, Jack, Michael and Owen in front.

Rick, Michelle, Avery, Cooper & Paige

During the end of the night while we were trying to get all the family members together for pictures Owen decided to retreat under the coffee table and eat some candy.

Mom and Dad AKA Grandma & Papa Martin

Ella Bean was up WAY past her bedtime and was almost asleep in this chair until she heard me say I was going to take a picture of her so she woke up a bit and decided to cheese for me.

James, Steve, Stevie & Shana

Becky, Samantha, Jon & Camryn in front


Furry Bottoms said...

I can't believe how Stevie grew up so fast! Last time I saw him he was all of 5 yrs old!