Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Craft Projects!

My nieces aren't on FB yet and don't check my blog so I think I'm safe posting this. Since I made Camryn a purse for her birthday I asked my SIL if Paige, one of my other nieces would like a purse for birthday and she said she would.

The only specification she gave was that Paige doesn't really like bold colors so the red was out. I found this nice lighter blue at The Dollar Tree instead. Also this time around I used my friend Kim's die cut machine again and cut out these flowers using felt and secured them to the purse using an antique brad. I think it's gorgeous...I hope she likes it!

We draw names at Christmas time for Michael's side of the family. The adults draw names and the kids draw names. This year one of my kids drew Camryn's name. I bought her a bunch of hair accessories, but I wanted to add my own flare to them so I used some more of the felt flowers to make these attachments to her plain headbands. They are even removable so she can use them if she wants to or not!