Sunday, December 11, 2011


On Wednesday morning Jack was complaining that his bed wasn't tall like Owen's. He wanted me to call Pa and ask him to make his tall. I thought I could do something to help him feel like his bed was special so I asked him if he wanted to have his bed in a cave. Of course he was super stoked about that so I set about changing their room around.

This is how the bed was arranged at the store, but since the boys have a big enough room we decided to not place it like this in the beginning. Jack LOVES his cave and it did cause a bit of tension right off the bat since Owen wanted to jump down from his bed onto Jack's and Jack didn't want him doing that. We are seriously having sharing issues in our house. By the end of the day things were better though.

Since I moved Jack's bed around I figured it was time to change Ella's a bit too. Off the bed rail came and now she's in a true toddler bed. Her and Logan had fun hanging out on the bed for a while. Of course Ella is doing her silly grin in this picture.

Right when it was time for us to go downstairs I decided to move Ella's bed to the other wall just for another little change. I was wondering how she'd do at nap time and she did great. She never tried to come out of her room, she didn't fall out of bed that I know of and when she woke up she waited for me to get her out of bed. At night when it was time to put her to bed it was a little sad seeing her laying there in her big girl bed....she's 3 months away from being 2 and it's just gone way too fast!