Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Crafts!

On Thursday we did our last Christmas craft by making our own Christmas Trees and decorating them with goodies!

I had lots of leftover Halloween candy and then threw in a bunch of baking decorations so the kids had lots of options. Thankfully we had the kids eat lunch BEFORE doing the craft so they didn't have a lunch of pure sugar.

Prior to starting the craft I hot glued the cones onto paper plates so they wouldn't move around everywhere.

I went ahead and made the frosting using powdered sugar, but I didn't realize I had so little. Kim had some frosting left over that she brought with her so we mixed that in. Unfortunately the frosting I started out with was runny because of my lack of powdered sugar. So I ended up adding a little corn starch and a ton of flour to thicken it up. You would think this would discourage the kids from eating the frosting, but it didn't. Which furthers my suspicion that young children really don't have taste buds!

Jack was a pro at spreading the frosting since he made a candy house earlier this month.

Andrew cheesin' for the camera!

I was going to put Ella down for her nap, but then figured I should let her have some fun too. She really enjoyed it...of course she ate more candy than she put on her tree. She must have really tuckered herself out though because she took a super nap that afternoon!

It was funny how the kids would cover one side with frosting and then say they were done not realizing there was a whole other side to the cone.

Us Mom's helped the kids get there cones completely covered in frosting so they could get to the fun part....candy!

Such pretty decorations!

The nice thing about my homemade frosting was it started to harden pretty fast so the ornaments weren't going anywhere.

Josiah didn't decorate a tree, but he had fun "taking pictures" of the festivities!