Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Candy House!

On Saturday our church was having a kids craft day that I wanted to take the kids to. Michael wasn't feeling very good and Owen didn't really want to go so they stayed home with Ella Bean and Jack and I headed out just the two of us.

The only craft Jack was interested in was making a candy house. I was wondering how they were going to supply gingerbread houses for all the kids, but it wasn't gingerbread at all. It's was empty milk cartons....great idea! I helped Jack spread the frosting around evenly.

Then he decorated it with the candies he wanted. I helped a little with the candies around the house.

So proud of his work! After we were done with the house we headed to the refreshments room and had some punch and then Jack wanted to come home.

He was pretty excited to eat his masterpiece!