Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Update - 13 weeks 2 days

Last Friday I had another normal prenatal appointment. The doctor was able to find the heartbeat no problem. Then I asked if we could see the baby. I just love seeing this cute little peanut! The baby was measuring at 14 weeks, but she said that's normal. After the 13 week mark the head to rump measurements usually start to show that you are further along. I'm guessing because with the legs developing more it's harder for them to actually tell where the rump ends and the legs begin. Who knows though!

The baby looked great! Love seeing it wiggly around! I also got to mention that I would like to have my C-Section on May 31st if that will work. They don't have their schedules that far out so we couldn't put anything on the books yet, but my doctor didn't see anything wrong with that date. I really want to have this baby in May since Jack was born in June. I don't really want any of our kids sharing a birth month. How ever it works out though will be fine! My next appointment isn't until January and right now I'm fine with that, but I'm sure I'll get a little nervous having to wait so long. I just wish I could feel the baby move already. Love that! The BIG ultrasound is at my next appointment, but we are still planning on waiting to find out the sex until the baby is born so it won't be as exciting as the other big ultrasounds.  

And here I am....13 weeks 5 days preggo! The only complaint I have right now is just in regards to my clothes. I got so skinny after Ella that none of my maternity clothes fit me yet, but my normal skinny clothes are too tight. My friend Kim let me borrow her belly band thing so I can leave my pant unbuttoned, but it drives me crazy...every time I bend over it rolls down. Thankfully another friend Jen has smaller maternity clothes so I'm wearing those now. I honestly can't wait until I'm seriously popping out there!


Momof2 said...

yay for good news! your so cute pregnant:)

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