Saturday, December 10, 2011

No More Diapers For Ella.....Well Someday!

In the last month Ella has asked twice to sit on the potty. This last time she said she needed to go poo poo so I took her in and sat her down.

She's so cute and thoughtful whenever I have to go potty and she comes in with me she always sits on Jack's stool and pulls a magazine out of the basket for her and then she finds one for me.

Reading about Ducky sitting on the potty!

Of course she sat there for the longest time, but nothing happened. Afterwards I let her run around without a diaper on and that was a bad idea since she ended up going behind my recliner and doing her business. Silly girl!

And because she was actually sitting down and captivated I thought I would record her talking.


Momof2 said...

She is so adorable!!! If you want or need that Elmo Potty dvd I can bring it to church. Haley hasn't made up her mind that she wants to be potty trained yet(argh).