Monday, December 19, 2011

Ice Experiment

On Wednesday I let the boys pick out a few small toys and then we put them in a bowl, covered them with water and put them in the freezer. After a few hours we checked on the bowl and were able to see that the top was frozen, but underneath was still water. Then I had them choose a few more toys and we added those and then filled the bowl the rest of the way up with water.  

On Thursday night we took our frozen creations out of the freezer to check on them. It was funny seeing all there little toys frozen in ice.

Of course when we made these Ella was taking a nap and I didn't think to make one for this picture she's pat her chest and saying "Mine?"

I dipped the frozen bowls in warm water so I could unmold them and then put them in the kitchen sink so the boys to try to get their toys out.

We tried a bunch of different tools such as Owen's toy pliers and a toy hammer, but when it came down to it the real screwdrivers worked the best.

When the kids had been hitting at them for a while I asked them if they wanted to pour some water over them. They went from looking all cloudy to nice and clear. I also had the boys pick up the ice to feel how smooth it was and they were able to see that the ice was dripping because their warm hands were melting it.

Ella was sitting on the countertop wanting to get in on the action.

Owen was the first one to get a toy free from the ice.

After Ella was getting irritated with me leaning over her to help Jack I decided to move her to the windowsill so she could have a prime view of everything.

Daddy ended up coming in and helping Owen get out the rest of his toys and I helped Jack. Then we turned the hot water on and watched how fast the ice chunks melted. I think it probably took about 20 minutes for our whole experiment. The boys were immediately asking if we could freeze more toys in water so I think they enjoyed it.