Saturday, May 30, 2009

They're Growing Like Weeds...Except There Veggies!

On Tuesday I went out to my garden and there was a strawberry ready to be picked. Later that night I was out watering and Owen saw another one that was barely red and picked it and ate it. I have a feeling this gardening thing is going to be great at getting him to eat new things.
My Strawberry plants and Corn in the back up against the concrete.

This is my Romaine Lettuce.

The tall stalks in the back are my Walla Walla Onions. The row in the back next to the house is more Corn and the three rows in front are my Leaf Lettuce.

More Corn (I have 46 stalks in all) in the back with rows of Sugar Snap Peas.

One of my three mounds of Zucchini.

I wasn't sure how I was going to like gardening. I've mentioned I'm lazy when it comes to watering, but I'm really enjoying it. I've made it a routine to go out and water either right before or right after the boys go to bed that way I don't get comfy in bed first. I love going out there and seeing how much they have grown.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

800th Post!!!

Hey there blog readers...faithful followers...lurkers too!
This is my 800th post!
I was just thinking it would be fun to see how many people actually do read my blog. I would love to know. I love blogging and I love that people are actually interested in my boys, but that's not the reason I blog. I'm terrible at keeping a diary and writing things down so I just love that my boys are going to have all this information about the things they did when they were growing up. I would have loved it if my mom had had something like this. Anyways if you read my blog, but never comment - pop in and say hello. If you comment often - keep saying hi I love hearing from you. If want to become a follower so you don't miss out on what exciting thing we'll do next - join the band wagon and hang on for the next 800 posts!

A Super Fun Day With Steph

Today after Jack's first nap I packed up the boys and headed over to my friend Steph's house. By the time we got their her husband Eddie had aired and filled up their inflatable pool. We thought we'd let the boys play in it later in the afternoon once it had a chance to warm up. HA!!! Owen wanted to play with the water almost immediately. We did eat lunch first and then he started splashing so I decided it was time to bring out the Little Swimmers before he got his clothes drenched. We tried just putting him in the pool, but it was seriously cold so I had to sit him on the side first and let him splash with his feet. Then Eddie thought about this little camping chair they had and it worked great. He was in the water, but not really!
This is how Jack started getting wet. I think he likes Steph...don't you?

After a while Owen got used to the water and Eddie brought out some toys so Owen got out to play with those and we put Jack in the chair. He did lean forward too far once and went face first into the water, but I grabbed him quickly and held him and then back in the water he went. He didn't lean over that far again.

Time to get out!

Little kids look so cute wrapped up in adult towels.

After dinner we headed out to this local park and let the boys play on this super cool pirate ship playground.

Steph took this picture of Jack when we first got there. I love those baby blues!

Owen is being a goof and poking the camera.

As you can see Owen is topless...that's because right before we left for the park he decided to have round two with the pool and got his shirt soaking wet. Since Owen is potty training I bring tons of extra undies and pants/shorts for him, but I had no extra tops. It was such a great day though so he wasn't cold at all. I think he looks like a cutie!

Jack snuggled up with his new best friend.


This is the bestest day ever!

Time to walk the plank!!!

Let's hit the's time to go home and see Daddy!

It's tiring having so much fun!


My IRL (In Real Life) Friend Nikki is having a giveaway over at her blog. Why do you say...her blog is about to hit 500 posts. What is she giving away you need to go see for yourself.
Just make sure you leave a comment on her blog letting her know I sent you her way that way we can both be entered into the giveaway. It's a win/win!

Show Us Where You Live Friday

This week Kelly is challenging us to show off our child's room/nursery.

This is Owen and Jack's room right when you walk in the door. We put the boys in the same room a few months ago and they've been doing really well sleeping together. There are two things that are different since I took this picture - Owen doesn't have the safety railing on his bed anymore and there is a big blanket covering the window so the boys will sleep in longer than 5am!

Here is Jack's side of the room. They both have name signs and their ultrasound pictures over their beds. I love the changing table that my parents bought me. I used it all the time when Owen was a baby, but Jack just hates it. I haven't changed him on it since he started rolling over.

This the other side of the room. That dresser is part of a set I got for Michael years ago. A lady was selling a ship wheel mirror that went with 2 dressers, a small deck and a twin headboard. I just wanted the mirror, but she wouldn't split the set up so I bought the whole thing hoping we would eventually have a boy.

Before we moved the boys into one room together Owen had his own big boy room and Jack was in the nursery so I thought I would show you those pictures as well.

This was Owen's big boy room that he had all to himself before and shortly after Jack was born. I got his crib off Craigslist for $20 and later sold it for $30!

Here's the other side of his big boy room. The reason we painted the silver stripe on the wall was to camouflages the magnet board that's hanging on the wall to the left of the dresser. Now that Owen and Jack are sleeping together in the other room this room is our guest room.

Now for the nursery that was both Owen's and Jack's after they were first born.

I never actually took pictures of it with Jack's name sign over the crib, but he did have this room all to himself for a few months. If you haven't noticed by now we love this color blue. The funny thing is we didn't know it was the same exact color we just keep randomly picking this blue and painting their rooms with it.

Michael's mom and I spent hours painting this room before Owen was born. The saying on the top of the wall says, "No earthly joy can bring more pleasure, than a little boy to love and treasure!"

The whole room had a Noah's Ark/Star theme so this was his shelf with all the Noah's Ark knick knacks that I had collected over the years. Now since the the boys are sleeping together this room is our home office.

Hugs & Kisses

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Is The Life

Today we headed over to Seahurst beach again. It's the third time we've gone this year. I love it. We even have our own special spot we always go to. Don't try dragging it out of me you ain't gonna get it! :)

Can you tell I'm a fan of sunhats? I finally got my very own for 25 cents at a garage sale. It's super cute, just not super cute on me...but it serves it's purpose. I paid for it the rest of the day though...hat hair! Ugh!

This is one of my MOPS friends Becky and her two kids - Maddie & Ben. You've seen them

Kim and Andy came out to play with us too. Look at that red hair...too cute!

Owen wore a shirt that my cousin Tara gave says Little Body Big Attitude.

Owen and Ben playing in the sand. The funny things is Becky took out all her sand toys and so did I and Owen immediately started playing with their toys and Ben immediately started playing with our toys.

Andy and Jack really didn't play until the very end. They had fun playing with the golf ball though. It was great fun and we were all tuckered out by the end, but of course that did not mean that the boys took good naps....oh no! But thankfully no one got burned this time around!

Swinging Baby...Warning Might Make You Dizzy!

Sorry if you get sick watching this, but it was just too cute to not post. This was Jack's first time sitting in the swing and he was giggling so hard. I was grabbing his legs and stopping him from swinging and he thought it was so funny. I love hearing his giggles. He's a smiley baby, but he doesn't giggle very easily.

Family BBQ at Ga-Ga & Pa's

Since GG is in town my parents had a BBQ on Sunday at their place so the extended family could come over and get to visit with her. The weather has been so amazing here. It felt so nice just getting to sit outside and hang out.
There are two of my cousins Pam & Nicky and my cousin Tara's son Eden and my Uncle Cliff.

This is two of my cousin Tara's kids - Eden & Fawn.

Me and my cousin Pam. We were having fun taking pictures all over the place.

Jackers with his Ga-Ga...his favorite!!! Owen was napping during this time so I didn't get any pictures of him! What kind of mother am I? Okay don't answer that!

This was Jack's first time going in the swing. He was giggling like crazy!

This is the view on the mount from my parents backyard. So nice!

Cute boy!

Daddy built Owen this awesome sandcastle with a bridge and everything....just so Owen could smash it. Such a nice Daddy!

That's one cute couple! The sad thing is I didn't take one picture of GG during the BBQ. Maybe my Dad did and he'll forward some of them to me....hint hint! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Owen Speak

Owen is pretty much saying everything now so I'm mainly just going to post about the cute and funny things he says from here on out. Enjoy! He makes us laugh!

I bought some jeans at Value Village that had gems on the back pockets. The first day I wore them he walked up to me in the kitchen, pointed at my buns where the gems were and said, "Pretty!".

My phone was having problems a few weeks back, the microphone was going out so no one could here me. While I was on the phone with Michael I kept having to yell, "Can you hear me?"? Later that night Owen was walking around the house talking on his play phone yelling, "An you hear me? - An you HEAR ME? - AN YOU HEAR ME?" It was so funny because he was doing the tone of voice perfect and getting louder and louder each time just like I was.

Owen has learned how to manipulate our words to get the outcome he wants. He'll say something like, "Wagon ride?" and we'll say, "You wanna go in your wagon?" and he'll say, "Okay!" like it was our idea the whole time. He's used this many times!

Tonight during our wagon ride (he didn't trick me into this one) he was reaching out and touching the tires and they were tickling his fingers and he kept laughing and saying, "Too funny!"