Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dental Floss

Who would have thought that dental floss would be entertaining? Owen loves it though! If he isn't napping in the morning when it's time for me to take a shower and get ready he's in the bathroom with me playing with all sorts of stuff. We have toys in practically every room of the house so Owen has something to play with where ever we are. He also thinks it's great fun to pull out all the stuff that's under the sink and play with that. Or he can just flush the toliet over and over to entertain himself too. He's so cute when it's time for me to get out of the shower he hears the water turn off and he stops what he's doing and crawls over to where he can see me and gives me the biggest grin. He's so cute! Anyways about the dental floss he does the same thing...he just stops what he's doing so he can watch me floss my teeth. I'm not sure if it's the way you have to contort your face while you floss that makes him laugh, but he really is amused by it. He loves to have his teeth brushed so hopefully he will be a good flosser too.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Big Show @ The Little Gym

Owen has been going to The Little Gym since he was 8 months old and today was the last day of the semester. Owen is know as a Bug at The Little Gym and if he was going to continue with the program he would be moving up to Birds this next semester. Unfortunately it's just too expensive right now. Plus at his age the parents need to be very involved with helping the kids do some of the flips and let me tell you it's getting pretty hard to do that stuff since my belly is getting bigger. I'm hoping that come next September we can put him back in though. He really enjoys it!
This is Owen's first crush - Miss Shannon our Little Gym instructor!
This is one of the tricks they use to help build the kids confidence while walking and also help the parents from hurting their backs!
They always set up different crawling courses for the kids. Owen especially liked crawling through this tunnel today.
Owen does this all the time, it's his way of saying, "Hey somebody turn me over"!
Here are all the graduates and their metals! Right to left - Hope, Sophia, Owen, Kaya and Margo. Owen is one lucky boy surrounded by all those cute girls!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Battle Scar

Here's a picture of Owen's puncture wound. We are going out this afternoon to buy that Mederma for kids scar cream so hopeful he won't end up with a battle scar after all.

Emergency Room Visit

Well me made it over a year without having to take Owen to the emergency room so I guess it was about time. Last night after dinner he was just standing up holding onto the coffee table when he lost his footing and hit his face right on the glass. He's done this many times and just cried and had a bruise the next day, but this time was different. He let out a blood curdling cry and then not long after that came the blood. Of course Mommy started hyperventilating so poor Daddy had to deal with two babies. When Owen hit the coffee table it forced one of his upper teeth all the way through his lower lip. The bleeding stopped pretty fast and so did his cries. He's such a tough kid. I decided to call the pager for his pediatrician and the on-call pediatrician call right back. Her husband is also an ER doctor so she asked if it was necessary for us to go in. He said that it would be a good idea to go in and see if he needed a stitch or at least to get the cut glued shut. So off to St. Francis we went at 7:30 last night. The ER wasn't that busy thank goodness, but it still took over 2 hours for us to be seen. Owen was a real trooper all around. His normal bedtime is 7:45 so he was WAY overdue. Once we got to actually see a doctor he examined the wound and decided that there wasn't much he could do for the outside since it was already healing. The inside wound he could actually pinch together so he decided to glue it together just for good measure. Owen laid there so patiently while the doctor was checking him out, but he didn't much care for being held in place when they were gluing his lip. After the glue dried which takes about 20 seconds it was about another 20 seconds before Owen already had bit the glue with his teeth and ripped it off. It wasn't absolutely necessary so we didn't have them reapply it. All that wait and a $100 co-pay for basically nothing. Oh well you live and learn!

Once we got home we fed and changed Owen and put him to bed thinking he would just crash since he should have already been in bed for almost 4 hours, but that was not going to happen. He actually did go to bed pretty good at first. He slept for about 45 minutes and then cried and cried. We rocked him and gave him Tylenol, but he didn't really fall asleep until 1:15 this morning. He's still asleep right now, but I'm going to wake him up so he doesn't completely get off his schedule. I didn't take the camera with me to the ER, but I'll try to get a picture of his lip later today and post it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

First Haircut

Today Owen and I went over to a friends house so she could cut his hair. It's been looking pretty shaggy lately so we thought we should do something before it turned into a full blown mullet. My friend Jen has a Flobee, it's one of those suck and cut machines like they show in the movie Wayne's World only it actually works and isn't painful. It was really cool! It only took 2 minutes to cut Owen's hair and I didn't have to worry about accidentally poking one of his eyes out with scissors. Also since it hooks up to the vacuum there's nothing to clean up. He did cry a little, but it was mostly whining there were no tears involved. All in all I don't think he was really bothered by the whole process.

Before picture of the front
Before picture of the back
Owen getting his first haircut
All done!
Beautiful Baby Boy!

Water World

This morning we gave Owen a bath in the kitchen sink and he had so much funny splashing. Water was everywhere!!!

Betcha Bite a Chip

On Saturday Michael made the mistake of asking a pregnant women to stop at the grocery store and pick up a couple of things. I ended up buying 23 things instead. Candy was on sale and so was soup and then I saw the Chips Ahoy Cookies. I couldn't resist so I bought two packages. After eating dinner I decided that some of those cookies sounded good. I broke a couple pieces off for Owen to try, but no no he wanted the whole cookie. Instead of him eating it though he was feeding me. It was so cute. He fed me a whole cookie and then I gave him another one to feed me. He fed me about a third of that cookie and then he looked at me funny like, "Hey I'm getting ripped off", and then he shoved the whole rest of the cookie in his mouth. The above picture is me trying to catch any cookie pieces that fall out.

Owen outfit

GG made this super cute outfit for Owen and gave it to me at his shower last January. I'm so glad he's able to fit into it when the weather is cold. It's still a little big on him, but so cute. I had to roll up the pant legs, but Owen has these short little legs and a really long torso so it's not surprising. I love the bottom picture because that's when he discovered his name was on his shirt.

Happy Boy!

Owen just loves to walk around with his walker. It's his favorite thing other than his hedgehog. In the beginning he didn't know how to turn it around so when he would run into a wall he would just yell at us to come fix it. Now he's figured it out, but he still doesn't turn it around. Instead he walks around to the other side of the walker and pushes it back and forth. He'll do this for quite a long time too. Sometimes he gets himself stuck in the family room to where he can only take 2 or 3 steps and he has to walk around and push it the other way. It's pretty funny to watch.

Monday, January 21, 2008

First Steps

We haven't really been working with Owen on trying to get him to walk, but we decided to start the other day. He has all the skills he needs he just needs to build confidence. So on Friday night Michael was holding Owen out away from him and getting him to stand there and try to walk toward him. I happened to be filming at the right moment when he took about 3 steps. It's towards the end of the video. I'm so happy we have this accomplishment captured on film.

1 Year Check-Up

On Friday I took Owen to his one year check up with his doctor. It's so hard to believe still that he's a year old. The funny thing is this appointment fell exactly on the day we very first took Owen to see his pediatrician a year ago. (I know I'm a freak because I remember dates so well)Anyway Owen is perfectly healthy his weight is now 18lbs 1oz, height is 28 inches. He's still in the 1.6% for weight and his height went down from 11% to 5%. I do need to bring him back to the doctor in a month for a weight check and see how his appetite and eating skills are doing. And he also has to be completely off baby food in a month. I wasn't sure how Owen was going to handle that one, but ever since his appointment he's been eating better...not great, but better.

Got Milk?

Since Owen is a year old now he doesn't have to drink formula anymore he can have regular whole milk just like we do. At first I wasn't sure if the taste was going to bother him or not. I tried to see if he would take it cold so we didn't have to heat it up, but no such luck. Once it's heated up though he's in heaven. I actually think he likes milk better than he liked his formula. He's also holding his bottle now like a big boy. For the longest time he wouldn't eat unless you held it and lets face it, the kid needs to eat so we just held it for him. Slowly we started having him hold it and now he's a pro. The funny thing is he's started this thing where he keeps clearing his throat. At first I thought it was because of the change to milk and his cold. I thought that he must have some gunk in his throat and it's getting worse because of drinking milk. The other day he just kept clearing his throat at random so I think it's just a new trick to play around with.

Peek-A-Boo I See You!

Owen has been able to stand up in his crib for a while now, but he doesn't usually get up until we come in to get him. This was the first time he actually held onto the end of his crib. He usually only holds onto the side where we lift him out from. He thought it was so much fun playing Peek-A-Boo with mommy like this.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Organ Donation

If you read my post a while back called 'Must See' you know about Nathan, Tricia and Gwyneth and their story. Tricia is in desperate need for a double lung transplant, but she has to recover first from being pregnant with Gwyneth. A lot of people aren't registered as organ donors and I'm not really sure why. The idea of being able to save up to 7 other people once I die is greatly empowering to me. It's really easy to sign up all you have to do is tell the DMV when you renew your license and let your family and friends know. Here's a video from the UK about organ donation....

Eating Bubbles

This morning I gave Owen a bath like usually and he got bubbles on half his face so I tried putting them on the other half so he would look like he had a bubble beard. I guess Owen thought I was trying to feed him and I he thought why not I'll eat bubbles. Yum Yum!

Fridge DJ

Owen got this awesome radio player from Aunt Becky & Uncle Jon at his party. It's magnetic so it sticks to the fridge. He loves pushing the button and making it play. The only thing is it has a hard time sticking to the doors of the fridge so it has to go on the side which is right by the garage can. See the silver thing to Owen's left in the picture. It has a lid, but Owen has figured out how to open it and now he keeps getting his fingers stuck in it.

7th tooth

I finally got a picture of Owen's latest might have to click on the pictures to really see it, it's the bottom one on the left. In the process though he was getting so irritated with me because of that dumb red eye light that comes on prior to the picture being taken. I took so many pictures that Owen just started squinting when I wasn't even taking a picture.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Owen blowing out his candle!

Michael and I reviewed this video this morning and we were surprised to see that Owen actually blew out his candle. Michael didn't blow and Owen's cousin Camryn on the right was took far away when the candle actually went out. He's such a big boy!

Owen's 1st Birthday!

On Saturday we had Owen's 1st Birthday party. It was mainly family with just a few friends. The house was PACKED!!! It was great fun though. We had the Seahawks game on during the party and I'm happy that I was distracted by the party so I didn't end up screaming obscenities at the TV. Owen got to try cake, but like I've mentioned before he's the pickiest eater so he didn't want to touch it. Grandma Grant fed him a little, but all in all he wasn't impressed. After cake I changed him and then he opened his presents. He got some clothes, books, money and toys. There were some duplicate toys and books, but that's what happens when your birthday is so close to Christmas. He did really well considering there was a lot going on. He even took a nap while there was a bunch of people still hear...he was totally exhausted. I still can't believe he's a year old. Actual birthday is tomorrow though, but his birth date is today. He was born on a Monday. It's amazing to think back to this time last year and see how different he is now and how much we've learned along the way.

Throwing a fit!

I'm stuck!
I'm mad!
I'm better!

Owen is becoming more and more willful each day. He's even started throwing fits. When he doesn't get his way he just bends completely in half and puts his head on the floor and cries. It's really pretty cute. Of course it doesn't usually change the situation in his favor, but occasionally it will. Like in the above pictures...he has started crawling behind the love seat in the family room and at Grandma Grant's house her furniture isn't shoved together so he can just crawl in between, but our furniture is shoved together so it makes get through pretty difficult. Fortunately for Owen, Daddy took pity on him and moved the furniture so he could crawl through. Such a sweet Daddy!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Pregnancy is so different this time around. At first I kept forgetting I was even pregnant just because I was so busy with Owen I didn't have time to focus on it. Once I started showing though it was hard to completely forget. I must say I did still forget sometimes when I was wearing normal clothes instead of maternity clothes. But everything has changed in the last 2 weeks...since I was about 17 weeks pregnant I have been feeling the baby move and it's been so awesome. With Owen I didn't feel him move until 20 weeks. It's just that reassurance that something is actually in there! And then there was the ultrasound where we actually got to see what was is in there. Now that I know Jack is on the way I just want him hear with us now. I didn't feel like that with Owen. Don't get me wrong I couldn't wait for him to come, but I also really enjoyed being pregnant...not that I'm not enjoying being pregnant this time. It's hard to explain! I think it's just that I know what's coming this time around. I know what is like to go to the hospital as a couple and come home a family. I know what it's like to be up at all hours feeding a newborn and I'm so ready for it again. I can't wait to meet Jack and kiss his little face and I'm ready for it now. Unfortunately I have to wait another 5 months. I'm sure I'll find some way to manage.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


This morning I put Owen on our bed and he immediately saw that Princess was up there. He crawled/shuffled over to her, but he wasn't in a hurry to touch her. He's been more and more gentle with her lately...thank goodness. After a couple of minutes of him and her "dancing" around each other he finally got close enough to touch her. Instead of using his hands though he gently pushed his face into her tummy and shook his head back and forth. He did this is quite a few times. It was the cutest thing. This is what he does to his favorite toys that he loves...he snuggles them. Like this Hedgehog that GG & Peepaw got him. It has a noise maker inside of it so when Owen lays on it and snuggles it, it grumbles. It's hilarious!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sharing the news!

Today Michael's parents came over to watch Owen so we could go to our doctors appointments. After our appointments we picked up my mom up from work in Seattle. My dad met us at our house when he got off work so we could share the news with all of them at the same time. I made up both 'It's a boy' & 'It's a girl' signs ahead of time and then gave the correct one to each of them and they opened them together It's fun having this moment captured on film!

18 weeks pregnant!

Here I am 18 weeks pregnant. Even though I've grown since the last picture I still feel pretty small. In fact at my doctor's appointment today I weighed 141 which was my starting weight when I was pregnant with Owen.

While Michael was taking the above picture of me this is what Owen was doing.....

Two piece pj's

Aunt Michelle just gave Owen a bunch of clothes that her kids can't wear anymore. These pj's were in with those clothes and even though they are a Christmas theme I couldn't help, but put Owen in them. This was the first time he wore two piece pj's and he looked so cute.

Basket Fun

Owen really is getting into to more and more stuff. We have this basket that we keep diapers and wipes in downstairs so I don't have to constantly keep going upstairs to get them. Ever since Owen has been able to pull himself up he has been pulling this basket off the bench we sit it on. Just the other day he decided that it would be fun if he got inside it.

It's a boy!

Today I had my ultrasound and we found out we are having another baby boy. I was so sure we were having a girl, but Michael was so sure it was a boy. I guess he should be right every now and then. Jackson Daniel Martin should be joining us around June 9th and we can't wait to me him! Everything looked great during the ultrasound in fact Jack would hardly hold still he was just having so much fun in there. It definitely will be easier having another boy since we don't really need to buy much and I can't wait to dress Jack in some of Owen's clothes. It's going to be great having two boys!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Must see!

Please check out this blog...

It's about a couple living in North Caroline and she is 24 weeks pregnant and has Cystic Fibrosis. She is currently in the ICU at Duke University and needs all the prayers she can get.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Shaking his head

Owen has been shaking his head back and forth now for about a week. The funniest time is when he's crawling around with something in his mouth and shaking his head just like a puppy would do. He's a riot!

Walking with assistance

A few days ago Michael helped Owen figure out how to walk with his walker. He had played with it a little before, but mostly the walker just drug him down with it since he wasn't getting the whole one foot in front of the other thing. This is the first time he actually got it. He loves it now and walks all over the place. The only thing is he hasn't figured out how to turn so he walks until he gets stuck and then starts to complain. I really want to take him to a basketball court or somewhere where he can just walk and walk and not have anything to run into, but with him having a cold right now we haven't wanted him to go outside.

Getting Messy

I never thought I would be one of those moms that hates it when my kid gets messy, but I do. I hate having to clean it up and change just all around bothers me, but I know I have to get over it. So this morning I laid down the shower curtain liner on the floor so if Owen dropped anything it wouldn't stain the rug, I pushed up Owen's sleeves and I let him just go for it. He has been so picky lately and has just absolutely refused to eat. He only wants to take his bottle. If he doesn't start eating soon we are going to just take the bottle away and he'll eat eventually, but I'm trying to avoid it coming to that. So for breakfast I gave him scrambled eggs with cheese and some toast with marion berry jam on it. He loved the toast, but wouldn't touch the eggs. I also decided to see if he would feed himself so I got his Yo Baby yogurt and one of his dipper sticks so he could dip into the yogurt. He actually did really well and he enjoyed dipping. Hopefully he will stop being so pick and just start eating everything in sight.

Playing the Piano @ Ga Ga's

Owen loves going to my parents new house. First off it's huge and second it's something new. There are so many things to explore. At the same time he already knows where to go to have the most fun. The stairs and the piano. Owen loves to pound away at it (Something I never would have gotten away with!) He actually gets a little possessive of it when I try to play with him he starts hitting the keys I am as if to say, "Excuse me...this is MY piano!"

Soap Mohawk

I can't wait for Owen's hair to be thicker and not so fine. It's going to be so much fun trying out all sorts of spiky hairdos

That's our boy!

There are still times when it surprises me that Owen is really ours. I know that's hard to imagine...I mean he's been in our lives since June 2006 when we found out we were pregnant. It's just that we waited for so long to become parents it feels like someones going to pinch me and I'll wake up.

Close Up!

Here are some more recent pics of Owen sticking out his tongue. Sorry about the devil eye in the first picture. I tried to fix it with my picture program, but it just ending up making him look like he had a black eye.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Number 7

Owen's seventh tooth popped out last week. I was thinking he was going to have 6 teeth forever. It's another one of his bottom teeth which is good because he has 4 on top and only 2 on bottom. We have really been experimenting with food lately because he's just not happy with baby food anymore. He wants to chew and he wants to feed himself, but he's so darn picky. He doesn't like to pick up anything that slimy. Yesterday we did have a breakthrough though he actually picked up macaroni and cheese and ate it. He liked it too! This morning we made him scrambled eggs, but those weren't nearly as big a hit. He also got to have a chicken nugget last night and after some help he ate half of it. He's really is getting to be a bigger boy!