Monday, January 21, 2008

First Steps

We haven't really been working with Owen on trying to get him to walk, but we decided to start the other day. He has all the skills he needs he just needs to build confidence. So on Friday night Michael was holding Owen out away from him and getting him to stand there and try to walk toward him. I happened to be filming at the right moment when he took about 3 steps. It's towards the end of the video. I'm so happy we have this accomplishment captured on film.


Renay said...

I happened across your blog address from Tricia and Nate's-I was intrigued by your liltle man title and followed up-I was so tickled to find you have an Owen too-and what a coincidence-MINE TOOK HIS 1st Steps (about 10 good ones) today too!!! Just thought I'd drop you a line-:-)

Lyndsay said...

It's so much fun watching him grow and develop right before our eyes. Thanks for reading my blog.