Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dental Floss

Who would have thought that dental floss would be entertaining? Owen loves it though! If he isn't napping in the morning when it's time for me to take a shower and get ready he's in the bathroom with me playing with all sorts of stuff. We have toys in practically every room of the house so Owen has something to play with where ever we are. He also thinks it's great fun to pull out all the stuff that's under the sink and play with that. Or he can just flush the toliet over and over to entertain himself too. He's so cute when it's time for me to get out of the shower he hears the water turn off and he stops what he's doing and crawls over to where he can see me and gives me the biggest grin. He's so cute! Anyways about the dental floss he does the same thing...he just stops what he's doing so he can watch me floss my teeth. I'm not sure if it's the way you have to contort your face while you floss that makes him laugh, but he really is amused by it. He loves to have his teeth brushed so hopefully he will be a good flosser too.