Monday, January 21, 2008

1 Year Check-Up

On Friday I took Owen to his one year check up with his doctor. It's so hard to believe still that he's a year old. The funny thing is this appointment fell exactly on the day we very first took Owen to see his pediatrician a year ago. (I know I'm a freak because I remember dates so well)Anyway Owen is perfectly healthy his weight is now 18lbs 1oz, height is 28 inches. He's still in the 1.6% for weight and his height went down from 11% to 5%. I do need to bring him back to the doctor in a month for a weight check and see how his appetite and eating skills are doing. And he also has to be completely off baby food in a month. I wasn't sure how Owen was going to handle that one, but ever since his appointment he's been eating better...not great, but better.