Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas @ Ga-Ga & Pa's!

For the last two years we've gone to my parents house on Christmas afternoon and then spent the night so we can have a second Christmas morning with them. We had Christmas dinner with family and friends on Christmas night.

Pretty girl in a pretty dress!

Sweet cheeser!

Fake cheeser!

Even though Ella had a nice nap at home she was a bit exhausted from the activities the night before. She spent a bunch of time snuggling with Uncle Ry and Ga-Ga.

Christmas Tree Picture!

The next morning we got up and it was time for presents.

The kids got tons of gifts from Ga-Ga & Pa and Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie. This one was their Grow To Pro pitching machine. Super cool!

They got Ella her pots and pans for her kitchen. They are identical to my real pots and pans...she LOVES them!

Ga-Ga just had to give Ella her very first Cabbage Patch Kid since she got me mine when I was little girl. I still have Mildred Patricia. Ella's CPK's name is Harley Kaylie.

This is Jack's Toy Story present that he was sure had a Big Buzz in it and he was right!!

He was so happy to have a big Buzz. He's been saying for months that he wants a big Buzz!

Owen got the pirate ship he wanted to badly!

Pa surprised him with a radio control car.

Here the boys are waiting with their eyes closed for their last present from Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie...Hometown Hero's fire station/police station. It's huge! It's 4 stories tall and has an elevator.

Ella also got her very own luggage so now when she goes to Ga-Ga & Pa's she won't have to use Jack's Buzz Lightyear backpack anymore.

The Great G-Kids with GG! She got to come up from Denver and spend Christmas with us this year.

Later on in the day Ga-Ga found out that Ella likes Eggnog spritzers. There is nothing that girl doesn't like!

Owen playing with his car.

Jack with his Buzz! Don't let his face fool you...he LOVES his Buzz he was just completely and utterly exhausted at this point.

The whole family!

This is what happens when Ella is the only one that takes a nap! I have a feeling that he kids are going to be exhausted for a few days.