Friday, December 9, 2011

Out At Dusk!

On Sunday it was so nice outside we really wanted to get out with the kids and go play. We are attending a new church though so service doesn't get out until close to 1pm so we knew we would be cutting it close with lunchtime and Ella needing to take a nap. We ended up leaving close to 4pm and we got to Steel Lake right around dusk. Thankfully the gates weren't closed yet and we hoped the park employee wouldn't lock it with our van still in the parking lot.

Since it was dusk we literally had the whole park to ourselves. The kids LOVE this park! So many things to explore.

The last time we went Ella really wasn't big enough to climb up by herself, but this time she was everywhere.

Jack strolling around in his special shoes!

Love this man!

Chasing Daddy!

Our last stop was heading down to the water to check out the ducks. The ducks were super interested in us, but sadly we didn't bring anything for them to eat. About this time we decided we shouldn't press out luck any longer so it was time to leave...thankfully the gate was still open!