Monday, December 12, 2011

Creative Play!

You know sometimes I feel like I get in such a funk in regards to having things for the kids to do....especially when it comes to playing indoors. I swear I need to write down a bunch of ideas on index cards so I won't forget them and then I can put them in a bowl or something so the kids can choose what they'd like to do. Maybe I'll work on that soon! Anyway on Wednesday I finally felt like my brain was working creatively in regards to play.

First I suggested that the kids play in the sink with water and a bunch of fun things like spoons, funnels and measuring cups. This might be a no brainer for some people, but for some reason I never think of them playing in the sink unless it's with snow.

When they were playing I actually realized that it's probably good for Jack to be doing this with his lack of dexterity in his hands. It required a bunch of skill to be able to dump the water from the spoon into the bowl.

Of course the boys spilled a bunch of water, but that's part of life and when you make a mess you clean it up and they did.

Later on Owen asked me to make a ramp for balls to slide down. There is a toy like this at Jack's therapy and I was trying for the life of me to figure out how to make this without make it too complicated. Then it hit me...toilet paper rolls!!!

Right now we have an over abundance of boxes between receiving packages in the mail and going to Costco so I used a few of those and then either paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Add some masking tape into the picture and some Hungry Hungry Hippo marbles and the kids had fun for about an hour! Of course I had to make 3 of these so they wouldn't argue, but it was well worth it and it really didn't take me all that long.

Since I didn't want Ella wandering around with the tiny marbles I cut the tubes open for her so bigger balls would fit through her tunnels. I also thought she might like seeing the ball the whole time. Of course the boys were all over her toy since it was different from theirs. The grass is always greener right! So what kind of fun creative indoor activities do you do with your kids other than the normal things like Play-Doh or painting?