Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jack's Crickets AKA Special Shoes!

Over the last 6 months we have seen so many improvements with Jack since he started occupation therapy. With that being said since I've been super tired lately I thought it would be nice to take a month off for the holidays. At our last therapy session in November, Jack's therapist Julia noticed something that she wanted checked. He is so unstable pretty much all over she checked out his stance and his walk and noticed that the ligaments in his legs weren't lining up the way they were supposed to. So we made an appointment to go see a different therapist to have Jack checked out to see if he needed orthotics for his shoes.

After doing some tests like having him walk back and forth and just feeling his feet and how they move they therapist thought that Crickets would be the best fit for Jack. All the orthotics have different names and that's the names of these ones. She didn't feel like he needed to have the ones that extend up his ankle. Unfortunately his orthotics don't fit in his cowboy boots! I seriously thought this was going to be a HUGE deal for him, but he has really surprised me. I think they make his feet feel much more supported so he hasn't complained about wearing them much. Thankfully the shoes that Ga-Ga had just bought him work perfect for these so we didn't need to get him new shoes.


Melody said...

Elliott has the Kangroos! They go all the way up past his ankles. They are the tallest ones they have without having to get custom fit ones.

I'm so glad it has been any easy adjustment for Jack and that most of his shoes still fit! It has been a bit of a rough go for us, and we currently only own one pair of shoes that fit! Things are finally starting to get better this week...praise Jesus!

Aren't you so thankful for Occupational Therapists!? What a blessing they are!