Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun at Ga-Ga's

For the last two days Owen and I have been at my mom & dad's during the day while they had new carpet installed. On Monday it was cold, but it wasn't raining so I took Owen out in the backyard. Our yard isn't that kid friendly so he's only been on our deck which he loves, but he had so much fun in Ga-Ga's backyard. In fact he took an early afternoon nap that day because he got so tired from playing.
What a cutie!
Playing with the wheels...of course!
Exploring the patio! Rocks don't taste so good!
First time on the trampoline!


Unknown said...

Lyndsay, you of all people should know what a huge liability risk trampolines are. I certainly hope that you advised Ga-Ga of this before purchasing one.

Lyndsay said...

The trampoline actually came with the house when they bought it. It has the safety netting, but it's been ripped by the wind so we need to purchase new netting for it. I do know the risks, but for now Owen can't even stand up on it because he's not that good with balance. I'm sure every time he wants to play on it one of us will be out there with him.