Monday, March 24, 2008

Babysitting Samantha

On Friday I babysat my youngest niece Samantha. She's almost 5 months old now. Her Mom Becky was taking her older sister Camryn to see The Wiggles at the Tacoma Dome. I was a little concerned how Owen would do because he tends to get very jealous of Mommy paying attention to other kids. I had Jon (Samantha's Dad) get Owen's old bouncy chair out of the garage so I would have some place to lay Samantha and he also brought our swing back that they have been borrowing. Overall Owen did really well. I made sure I put Samantha down and paid attention to him when she didn't really need me and that helped. The only time Owen got really mad was when it was time for Samantha to have her bottle. He just knew that I was feeding her HIS milk and he wasn't going to stand for that. Thankfully Michael I got home from work early so he took care of Owen so poor Samantha could actually eat instead of having her bottle ripped away by a 14 month old. I'm thinking we are going to have to transition Owen from the bottle to the sippy cup before Jack gets here or there are going to be problems!

Playing with Samantha...okay the bouncy chair!

Going in for a kiss!

Having fun together!

Samantha fell asleep on the floor playing with the toys that are on her left.