Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Goals And Manners!

Last Thursday was a rough at our house. That is to be expected since we aren't used to being together all day long! There were listening issues and the endless questions about electronic entertainment. So as well as having a Summer Bucket List I thought we needed to have Daily Summer Goal. I know that we won't get everything on this list done each and every day, but it's nice to have a list of things to do when the kids get bored! The kids did help me with the list and I did take into account that they like electronics and how can I blame them...I like electronics! So they are allotted 1 hour a day on each - TV, Kindle & computer.    

I'm really trying to get the kids to not be so focused on themselves so to help that along I have quite a few things on the list that consist of helping others or doing something creative for someone else. 

Another thing I've been wanting to focus on with the kids is how they speak and what they say. So we came up with a list of what we should being saying. 

I've referenced the Duggar family before and they have impacted another thing in our life. They teach their kids to say, "my pleasure" instead of "your welcome". I love this! The kids are of the mindset that helping and serving is such a pain. I am a natural server...I love to help others. This is a main thing that God asks us to do to love and serve others so by saying "my pleasure" it really is saying I'm happy to do it. I want the kids to be happy to help. Even if they don't mean it at first I'm hoping that by helping others and by saying it enough it might really sink in and make a difference. To make saying these things fun on the first day I kept a tally chart and gave the kids a check mark whenever I heard them use these words. It was hilarious how into it Owen got. He was such a polite boy! Over the top polite! It was hilarious hearing him over enunciate and draw out the pleasure! I didn't care though since he was actually using his manners! Another Duggar thing is instead of the kids saying "Stop" over and over again they instruct their kids to say, "Please Don't". Whenever someone says this the other person is required to stop or there will be a punishment. The kids have been really good with this one. We are also teaching the kids about problem resolution. I'm so tired of tattling! We've explained to the kids how God instructs us to deal with someone who does us wrong. You are to talk to that person first and then if they don't stop doing the wrong then you come and involved someone in authority. Not running in the room yelling, "he won't stop!". We are teaching them to say, "I have a problem" and then explain what they have done to try to fix the situation instead of just harping on and on about what the other person has done. Lots of training, but that's parenthood!