Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Zeke's Actual Birthday!

On Zeke's actual birthday we happened to be at Fred Meyer's so I had Zeke pick out a cake so we could have a small family celebration that night. 

I made the cake during the day and then we ate it later that night. 

Jackson asked to take the pictures for Zeke's family party! 

I think I might have taken this picture though! He is so cute! 

Zeke picked a strawberry cake and frosting with sprinkles. 

Owen got to help Zeke blow his candles out, but Zeke did blow out one of them. 

Zeke's sprinkle cake! 

Ella and Logan patiently waiting for their piece of cake! 

As you can see Jack had lots of fun taking pictures! It was fun having a small celebration with just the family.