Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Belts...Sort Of!

The last Tuesday in May was testing day for the boys at Taekwondo. It was also our last class until September. I love that the Kinderkicks get the summer off. We actually won't start back up until October since we are going to Disneyland in September. 

All the kids lined up and ready to test. There are more kids in the Kinderkicks than shown here...these were just the ones that were ready to test. Ella and Logan weren't quite ready yet so they got to sit this one out. 

The boys waiting their turn to be called up to test. 

Jackson did really well. He's really improved...especially his jumping jacks. 

The funny thing is that Ms. Kelsey had just started using a different coloring system for the belts. So even though the boys are moving up a belt the color they are going to is orange which is a color they both have already been. I explained the situation to the boys and they didn't seem to mind much. I love how they just roll with things! 

Love the action shots!