Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Floor Won!

Recently we moved Zeke out of his highchair and into a tall chair just like Ella. He'd been doing just fine with sitting on it and getting up and down with some help. On Thursday he was drinking out of his water bottle and I think he might have tilted his head too far or just wasn't paying attention, but the next thing I knew he face planted on the floor. Since he was holding his water bottle he didn't even try to catch himself. 

This is right after it happened. I snapped this shot so I could send it to Daddy. At his 2 year check-up he fell over and hit his head on the window seal and has had a bruise on his forehead ever since. It seems like whenever it's almost healed up he hits his head again. 

This was the morning after...thankfully the swelling had gone down a bit by then. I had given him some Children's Ibuprofen to help. And no those aren't's just the way his skin got scraped. And right before this picture he was walking out of the garage to get to the van and he walked too quickly and hit head on the garage door going up! I think I might start having him wear his McQueen helmet!