Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sink Bathing!

Zeke is still so afraid of bathing and he hates getting water in his eyes. So the other day I decided to bath Zeke in the sink. This is how I bathed all the kids when they were little, but for some reason I haven't done that as much with Zeke. Of course Ella was sure she could still fit in the sink so she got to have a sink bath too! 

At first Zeke was screaming his head off. I actually had to force him to sit down and then he realized the sink wasn't that deep and he wasn't going to die! 

Happy boy with bubbles! 

Ella did fit, but it was a tight fit! 

Zeke is quite particular about things getting on his hands. At first when he had bubbles on his hands he was not happy. Once I showed him that he could wash it off using the measuring cups he was okay. 

Then it was tea time! Ella was serving tea and I was "drinking" it so Zeke thought that he should drink some too! 

Of course he actually drank it! 

Here is Ella showing him how to pretend to drink it! 

I love this picture. The look on Ella's face is...I tried Mom!