Monday, June 30, 2014


While we were at my parents house we had a celebration for my Dad's birthday and also a family friend Jim's. Since they were going to be opening presents Santa Al thought that the kids would need a present too so he brought all the kids these awesome helicopters. 

They were definitely a big hit! 

The best part was no batteries! You just put the helicopter on a launching stick and then pulled the string to launch it. 

Of course the second time I went to launch one I broke the handle because I pulled too hard/too far out. Oops! Michael was able to fix it, but after that the boys didn't want me touching their planes. Later on Pa did the same thing so at least I didn't feel so bad. These are definitely made for kids and not adults...I think we are just too powerful for them! 

After leaving Ga-Ga & Pa's on Sunday night we came home and the first thing the boys wanted to do was fly their helicopters. 

They were quite proud of their aircraft! 

He thinks he's too cool for school! 

Ready to launch! 

Action shot! 

I thought it was pretty cool that I actually got them moving in the shot even if they are all blurry. I have a feeling these are going to be a big hit for quite awhile. 

Thanks Santa Al!