Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Learning New Things...Both Good & Bad!

After the boys played with their helicopters for a little it was time for a break so they got busy doing other things. 

Owen was bulldozing some dirt over in the dirt corner of the yard. 

There used to be a bush in this corner, but then when we had the tree cut down it got taken out. We have some plans for the yard so we aren't worried about it right now. The boys sure have fun playing in it right now so that's good. 

Zeke has been getting more and more interested in the slide. He can climb into the playhouse, but then he gets to freaked out to slide down unless someone pushes him or I hold his hand. I've been waiting to catch him at the bottom of the slide, but he's still too scared. 

Of course he thinks climbing up the slide is a way better idea! 

Cute little bad example!!! 

After playing on the slide for a bit Zeke wanted to swing, but this time he didn't want in his bucket swing. I was so surprised he wanted to hold on, but he did a great job. He even tried to move his body like he was pumping! I just had to take the chance of letting him go so I could get this cute picture. He's getting so big!!!