Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Car Seat Pillows!

Another project I had been wanting to do for our Disneyland trip was to make the kids pillows for the car. I spent quite a bit of time looking for just the right design on Pinterest and I finally came across one that I liked...not to complicated!  

I used one fat quarter and cut it into 6 pieces. Two long and 4 small. The long pieces are 22" x 6" and the small pieces are 5" x 5". See that small strip on the left...that's the only part that wasn't used....pretty awesome! 

The little pieces I folded in half right side facing each other, ironed them and stitched up the small sides. 

After that I turned them so the right sides were facing out and then ironed them again. 

Now for the piecing together. I placed one long piece right side facing up...put two of the smaller pieces together lining up the unsewn edges with the longer piece. I placed the smaller pieces in the closer to the middle, but still apart by about 4 inches. There was no method to it...just eyeball it.

Then take the other long piece with the right side facing down and place it on top. Pin it around leaving one edge open so you can turn it right side out and stuff it. 

Here it is sewed up. 

Then stitch Velcro onto the small straps....remember to do this BEFORE stuffing. I forgot to do it twice and it's such a pain to sew the Velcro on with this huge stuffed pillow getting in your way! 

Stuff....I really stuffed mine and made them quite firm....I want to make the kids have good support for their heads. Pin and stitch! 

I will not confirm nor deny that a certain horse from Ella's cowgirl party paid the ultimate price so I didn't have to go buy more stuffing! 

Here we are...Ella's, Jack's Owen's and Zeke's. Ella's fabric was some Stampin' Up fabric I had lying around. Jack picked out his puppy fabric with me at Joann's. Owen asked for Army fabric and I actually found some...I was shocked! I picked Zeke's puppy fabric out for him. I just love fabric! All the choices and colors! And fat quarters are so cheap. I used a 50% off coupon on Zeke's fabric so it cost $1.08!