Saturday, July 5, 2014

Allergy Testing!

About 6 months ago Zeke went from a happy baby all the time to a pretty grumpy baby that wanted to be held all the time. At his 2 year appointment I talked with his pedi about seeing if he had any food allergies. Mainly because he is such a horrible eater! He usually eats a good breakfast and then an okay lunch and then he refuses dinner. I was curious if maybe he was allergic to something that he was eating throughout the day and by the time he go to dinner his stomach just hurt too much to eat. 

I was warned that this appointment would take 3 hours so I came prepared with snacks and entertainment! 

Here is Zeke's back after the poke test. He did so well! The first couple of pokes he didn't even flinch, but then he really started to cry. I felt so bad, but knew it was going to be good to know one way or another! 

Bringing the portable DVD player to doctor appointments is by far the best thing ever! The appointment ended up being almost 2 hours, but without McQueen I think it would have been much worse! 

I don't think I blogged about Jack's appt. This was a trip I was dreading. 5 kids stuck in a tiny exam room...not my idea of a good time. Anyways the night before it dawned on me....I have a portable DVD player. So I brought that and Ninjago and the kids did great! 

The results from Zeke's test was he has no allergies! Yahoo! He does still have to have a blood test for a few things they don't check with the poke test, but the doctor was pretty sure he wasn't allergic just based on his symptoms. He is concerned about Zeke's eating habits and in his words...."I can't fix food allergies, but we can fix behavioral issues!" So he wants me to take Zeke to Mary Bridge for a food eval. He has some texture issues and absolutely refuses to try new foods so this might be just the thing he needs to overcome these behavior issues.