Friday, July 11, 2014

Bouncy House!

Last week Ella got to go to her friend London's birthday party. It was at Bounce 360 in Kent. Ella does NOT bounce! She never has! I have pretty much passed it off as a side effect of her Hydrocephalus since spinning around doesn't really sit well with her either. Before we left for the party I did ask her if she was going to bounce. I was imagining how boring the party was going to be if she just sat there the whole time. She said she would so we got in the van and went. 

We were one of the first partygoers to arrive after the birthday girl herself so we had the place to ourselves. The adults got to bounce too so I went on everything with Ella. It was SO much fun! She did great!!! 

She slid, she bounced, she played with friends. It was such a wonderful experience with my beautiful girl. 

I'm so happy that she enjoyed herself! As for Bounce 360 it was awesome...and I'm sure we'll be back with all the kids at some point!