Sunday, July 6, 2014

Steel Lake Park...AKA The Wooden Playground!

Back during the week of spring break Kim and I tried to take the kids to Steel Lake to play, but upon arriving we saw that they had completely taken down the playground. Thankfully they were building a new one, but it wasn't going to be ready until May. 

Going to this park is one of the things on our Summer Bucket List so when we had a chance to go I took it! You might notice in the above picture on the left that they still do have a section taped off since they aren't quite finished. 

It is by far my favorite park ever! The nice thing is they updated it, but they kept the layout the same! So it was new and excited, but still familiar for the kids. Love that they did that! 

After a little while even Zeke opened up about climbing around on it. 

There were of course new and improved challenges to overcome! 

Hanging around! 

Another thing I love is all the secret places to crawl through. They really pulled out all the stops. 

They even decorated the playground in a castle theme. 

Zeke started to climb into the slide in the previous picture, but then kept saying, "No no!" I held onto him and we slid down, but when he found this cool little tunnel he liked that much better. 

He also liked this kiddie bridge just for him. It was over in a section that is more geared toward little guys. 

Jack liked to challenge himself and of course show off his skills....I must hear, "Mama watch this!" about 100 times a day!

More of the neat the attention to detail! 


Owen having his turn at the bridge step thingy! 

Slinking along the sides! 

This was a cute fire boat I think! 

This challenge was a bit difficult even for me. I was super surprised that Ella even wanted to do it. She did great though until that last circle. The step from the circle to the platform was further than the other ones so I did have to help her at the end. 

When we first got there a whole day camp group was there, but then after a few minutes they all went over to the cover picnic area to eat lunch so we had the whole playground to ourselves. This merry go round was definitely a big hit so it was nice that the kids got a turn on it while the other were eating. 

I had fun teaching the kids how to slide down the pole. They all did really well! 

After tuckering out ourselves playing we decided to walk on the dock and then we came back to sit on the concrete wall and eat a snack. 

Of course the older boys thought that scaring ducks would be more fun!