Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Disney Clothes!

I can hardly believe it's almost 2 months until we leave for Disneyland!!! We are so excited!!! I've been busy getting things ready for the kids like their travel binders. I still have lots to print out at the library though. I also have been trying to finish up on some clothes. 

This is one of Ella's outfits. I've posted the shirt before, but I decided to make a skirt that would match after seeing something on...you guessed it Pinterest! Ella had a regular jean skirt lying around so I just used fun ribbon and ta da! I didn't notice when I took this picture that one of the ribbons missed getting stitched...it has since been fixed though! 

Here's a closer look at the skirt....super easy and super cute! 

And here is little miss modeling it herself. It's always such a huge ordeal to get her to try on clothes! You'd think she'd love it since she's a girl, but NO WAY! Thankfully she smiled and she did love it! 

And here's Ella's Minnie Mouse smock dress. Unfortunately the Tinkerbell one I made a while back started to unravel since the stitching didn't catch all the smocked part. I ended up having to take the dress in so much it was way to tight on Ella. I'm hoping it will fit Ella's friend Lilyann so at least it can be used! This time around I made sure to get more fabric so I had more to work with and the smocked part is completely secure so it's not going to unravel this time! 

Since I did have extra material to work with I went ahead and made Ella a matching purse. I knew how to do this since I made all those placemat purses for MOPS a couple years back. This is just too cute for words! 

Plus I was able to make a small version of Ella's dress for her baby doll! Too fun! 

Now I just need to make the boys their Star Wars shirts and I think I'll be finished clothing wise!